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There are many attributes that make a good marathon runner including long legs. These athletes also have to have mental toughness.

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The part of the physical fitness test on which a marathon runner would score highly is one mile run. This is the only endurance activity in the test.

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Probably the broad jump

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Q: What is the part of physical fitness on which a marathon runner would probably score high?
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Why does a surfer have different fitness components compared to a marathon runner?

Different activities require different skills and strengths and the use of different muscles etc.

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"Nike!" The runner announced "Victory!" over the Persians at the battle of Marathon .

Who was the first women's Olympic marathon?

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How does a marathon runner dehydrate when its raining?

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What is the surname of hayley - marathon runner?

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How would asthma effect a marathon runner?

Asthma prevents proper breathing and marathon runner would be affected by the lack of oxygen to their muscles, which may make them fatigue faster.

How fast is a marathon runner who can run 26 miles in 2.0 hours?

that runner will run at 13 MPH

Two examples of physical activities in the anaerobic system?

marathon runner, long distant swimmers basically anything that is an endurance event

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