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Q: What is the participial phrase in the children laughing at the silly clown sat in the first row?
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What is the participial phrase in this sentenceThe children laughing at the silly clown didn't notice the act in the next ring?

The participle phrase is "laughing at the silly clown", laughing is the present participle of the verb to laugh.Nouns: children, clown, rowVerbs: laughing, satAdjectives: silly, firstThere are no pronouns or adverbs.A participle is an adjective made form a verb.The participle in "The children laughing at the silly clown sat in the front row" is laughing.

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What actors and actresses appeared in No Laughing Matter - 2011?

The cast of No Laughing Matter - 2011 includes: Robinson Hicks Jonathan Ramey as Clown

Is Tommy the clown a plural noun?

No, the term 'Tommy the clown' is a noun phrase, a group of words based on a noun that functions as a noun in a sentence. The noun phrase 'Tommy the clown' is base on the noun 'Tommy' restated by the noun 'clown'.The noun phrase 'Tommy the clown' is singular, one person, Tommy.Example:Tommy the clown is appearing tonight. (subject of the sentence)We have tickets to see Tommy the clown. (direct object of the verb 'see')She's appearing with Tommy the clown. (object of the preposition 'with')

What is the symbolic meaning of the clown?

A clown can be a person nobody notice or someone who wanna be someone else. A sad clown who just can't find the way to be happy.

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What part of speech is the word laughing?

Laughing is a verb form from the verb, to laugh. It is either a present participle, which is used as an adjective or a gerund which is used as a noun or a progressive verb form.Examples (particple) : The laughing boy jumped up and down with glee. (gerund) : Laughing is good therapy. (verb) : We were all laughing at the funny clown.

What does the phrase 'A clown can kill' mean?

it kills kids because he was bullyed when he was a kid

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He was known as the class clown.The clown made her cry.The children gasped as the clown swore out loud.