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What is the past and present of am?


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Am is the first person singular present tense of be.

  • I am
  • We are
  • You are
  • He/she/it is
  • They are

The past tense forms of be are:

  • I was
  • We were
  • You were
  • He/she/it was
  • They were

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There is a past, present, and future. There was a past; there is a present and there will be a future.

have = present had = past

"Have" is present. "Had" is past tense

past: I did, you did, he/she/it did; present: I do, you do, he/she/it/does

past: I was; you were; he/she/it was present: I am; you are; he/she/it is

Past - was and were. Present - am, is and are.

Present - am. Past - was and were.

Been (past) and is (present)

Present tense - am, is and are. Past tense - was and were.

Have is in present tense. Had is past tense. I have a banana. - present I had a banana. - past

Seek is present tense, and seeking is the present participle. Sought is the past tense and past participle.

Lead is present tense. The present participle is leading. Led is the past tense and past participle.

Past tense - was and were. Present tense - am, is and are.

Present - am/is/are Past - was/were/been

eat is present ate is past

Have is present tense. The past tense is had.

My Past Is Present was created in 1990.

Past Present was created in 1989.

Past - was Present - is Future - will be

Present: I/You/We/They study. He/She/It studies. The present participle is studying. Simple past: studied. Past participle: studied.

Buy is present tense. Buying is the present participle. The past and past participle is bought.

The present participle of "be" is "being" and the past participle is "been".

The present tense is:I/You/We/They like.He/She/It likes.The present participle is liking.The past tense is liked.The past participle is liked.

The present tense is:I/You/We/They rust.He/She/It rusts.The present participle is rusting.The past tense is rusted.The past participle is rusted.

Set could be past or present because the present, past and past participle are all the same egset / set / set

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