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It should be "have worn", and it's not past tense. It's present perfect.

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What is a sentence for the word frequently?

Sabrina did jumping jacks frequently.

What are jacks and their functions?

Jacks are for lifting or raising things. They can be screwed jacks or air jacks, or most commonly, hydraulic jacks.

What are the various types of screw jacks?

There are many various types of screw jacks and mechanical actuators. Examples include metal screw jacks, rotating screw jacks, inverted screw jacks and vertical screw jacks.

How many 10's or jacks is in playing cards?

In an ordinary deck of cards here are four of every denomination -- one in every suit (one in hearts, one in spades, etc.) There are four aces, four two's, four tens, four jacks and on and on.

What is jacks reactions?

jacks reaction to what?

How many calories do you burn during every jumping jack?

For every ten minutes you are doing jumping jacks, you burn roughly 100 calories.

What is apple jacks the cereal made of?

Dried up crispy card and favoring, like every other cereal.

Where is Hungry Jacks?

Hungry Jacks is at Livingston , Bussleten

When did Sam Jacks die?

Sam Jacks died in 1975.

When did Harry Jacks die?

Harry Jacks died in 1994.

When was Harry Jacks born?

Harry Jacks was born in 1908.

When was Ron Jacks born?

Ron Jacks was born in 1948.

When was Digby Jacks born?

Digby Jacks was born in 1945.

When did Digby Jacks die?

Digby Jacks died in 2011.

Are Apple Jacks halal?

YES, Apple Jacks are Halal.

When was William Jacks born?

William Jacks was born in 1841.

When did William Jacks die?

William Jacks died in 1907.

When was Jerry Jacks created?

Jerry Jacks was created in 1998.

When was Katrina Jacks born?

Katrina Jacks was born in 1986.

When did Katrina Jacks die?

Katrina Jacks died in 2010.

When was Apple Jacks created?

Apple Jacks was created in 1965.

When was Al Jacks born?

Al Jacks was born in 1935.

When was Robert Jacks born?

Robert Jacks was born in 1943.

When did Hurchel Jacks die?

Hurchel Jacks died in 1995.

When was Hurchel Jacks born?

Hurchel Jacks was born in 1929.

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