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What is the penalty for ending an Orange mobile phone contract early?

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paying off the balance of the contract basic monthly rental... but if you have a cause to complain, call the customer services desk, and ask to be put through to "Retentions".. they normally go OTT to help you out, deal with the complaint, and retain you as a customer.. (they doubled my inclusive minutes and text, for no extra money)

2006-07-25 14:43:19
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What is the penalty for overrunning a mobile contract?

This depends on your cell phone carrier. Contact your carrier for this information.

Can I have T-Mobile buy me out of my Verizon contract then leave T-Mobile after one month then get the new Apple yearly upgrade plan?

No... T-Mobile will buy you out of your Verizon contract - BUT - you will then be tied to T-Mobile for their minimum contract term. If you then leave T-Mobile before your minimum contract ends - you will pay a 'penalty' pf any whole unused months !

What company offers the best mobile phone upgrades?

I find that Telus Mobility offers excellent mobile phone upgrades. Whether or not you have an existing contract you can upgrade your phone without penalty.

What is the typical penalty for canceling mobile phone service during a contract?

It depends on the terms of the contract. There is usually an early cancellation fee and there can be additional fees for each month left on the contract. Best to review the details of your contract to understand exactly what happens if you cancel.

What company has the best no contract phones?

Orange or T-mobile. Cheapest and lots of free calls/ texts depending on what you prefer :)

How do you call your answer phone from an Orange contract mobile phone?

In the UK you need to dial 123 or 00 44 797 3100123

Can you get Angry Birds on orange Miami?

Yes, you can get angry birds not matter what contract or mobile provider you are on, you just have to watch out for your data usage:)

What services does Orange Mobile offer in the UK?

Currently, the mobile phone company Orange offers two types of services to residents of the United Kingdom. Their phones have both contract and pay as you go plans, with multiple phones offered for both plan types.

Where can one locate a local Orange Mobile shop?

Orange Mobile is a mobile phone provider in the United Kingdom. One can locate a local Orange Mobile shop by visiting their website Shop Orange where the company conveniently lists all of their shops.

What are the advantages of a 3 mobile contract?

There are many advantages for one to be on a three mobile contract. Most importantly, when one is on a three mobile contract they get a discount on the cost for the three phones.

What do you need to buy a phone from t-mobile?

You going to sign a contract or no contract? For a contract to get your phone cheaper you will have to do a credit check.

How do you get dolphin on orange?

dial 343 on an orange mobile

Who has an orange square logo?

Orange the mobile company.

What t mobile mobile phones do not require a contract?

The only mobile phones that do not require a annuL contract fee with T Mobile are the pre paid phones that the customers purchase. All other T Mobile phones would require the customer to have a annual contract with company.

Where can one purchase no contract mobile phones?

There are many places where one can purchase no contract mobile phones. Best Buy, Target and Walmart all sell mobile phones like this for purchase. HTC and T-Mobile also sell no contract phones.

Which websites can one use to find Orange mobile phone deals?

You can find Orange mobile phone deals on the Orange official website. You can also find information about Orange mobile phones in person at any cellular phone retail location.

What is the penalty for stopping a T-Mobile contract early?

Like most cell phone providers, T-Mobile charges an early termination fee if you leave your contract early. Except for month-to-month customers, the early termination fee is:$200 for customers with more than 180 days remaining in contract$100 for customers with 91 to 180 days remaining in contract$50 for customers with 31 to 91 days remaining in contractLess than $50 if cancellation occurs in the last 30 days of contract

How many mobile networks are there in Botswana?

they are 3 mobile networks. Mascom, Orange and Be mobile

How old do you have to be to start a contract with t-mobile?

I think every mobile provider is 18.

How many miles is mobile from orange beach?

distance from Orange Beach, AL to Mobile, AL is around 55 miles

Where can someone get contracts for Orange Mobile?

There is an official website for Orange Mobile where you can sign up for a mobile plan that suits you. You can even choose from one of their pay as you go plans.

What is a mobile phone plan?

There are two main types of pay monthly mobile phone contracts: 1) with a contract, and 2) without contract.With a ContractIf you opt to get a fixed term pay monthly mobile phone with contract, for 12 to 36 months your mobile phone is connected to an exclusive network. The phone itself is included in the contract, and you can use a pre-determined number of free calls, data, and text messages per month.Without a ContractWith a pay monthly mobile phone without a contract, you have your own mobile phone and what the provider does is simply to connect you to their network on a monthly basis. There's no contract, and so you can change providers anytime you want.

Transfer sprint contact to t mobile?

Sprint and T-Mobile are different companies. You could port your number to T-Mobile, but if you are under contract with Sprint, you will be charged an early termination fee. So if you're asking if you can transfer a Sprint Contract into a T-Mobile Contract. The answer would be; no.

Does Boost Mobile offer contract plans?

No. Currently, Boost Mobile only offers no-contract, pre-paid plans. Services like Virgin Mobile, however, offer both.

Can you use the iPhone if you have a contract with T-Mobile?

Yes, use your friends'.