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Most of the time you will lose your driver's license and will need an SR-22 to get it back.

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Q: What is the penalty for not having auto insurance?
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What is the penalty for not having auto insurance in the state of Tennessee?

Driving in Tennessee without proper auto insurance is quite difficult. The offender can be issued a $2500 fine. The state of Tennessee considers the offense a Class A misdemeanor.

What's the law in Georgia about drivers having auto insurance?

The Law in Georgia about drivers having auto insurance is no different to any other state,you must have auto insurance if you drive a car.

If your car insurance gets cancelled what is the penalty for not having insurance on your car?

your insurance co will notify the DMV and then can suspend your license

What is the penalty for having no car insurance?

20 lashes from the plantation owner

The DMV's penalty for not having enough insurance if you get in an accident is?

Suspension of your license.

What are the disadvantages of having insurance?

A disadvantage of having insurance for medical reasons means that it has to be paid, no matter what. If a person is never sick, this can be a hardship, and the money seems wasted. Having auto insurance, though is just the opposite. Auto insurance is necessary to protect the person from other drivers and their mistakes.

What is the penalty for having a 20 rd magazine in a semi-auto gun?


Which companies provide car insurance in the state of OR?

Companies that offer car insurance in Oregon are State Farm auto insurance, 21st Century auto insurance, Nationwide auto insurance, Mercury auto insurance, Farmers auto insurance, and AAA auto insurance.

Does property insurance or auto insurance pay when a auto owner damages his garage with his auto?

Auto Insurance.

How much is the fine for no auto insurance in Wisconsin?

In June, 2010 Wisconsin enacted a law requiring auto insurance; prior to then, it was one of very few states without the requirement. The penalty for not maintaining the required coverage is currently $200.

Can you get auto insurance if you have not had auto insurance?

( maybe it will help you

Can you be ticketed for not having auto insurance?

In Texas if you a caught driving without insurance you will be ticketed. I believe this is true in most states.

Can you get car insurance without a bank account?

Yes. Having a bank account is not a prerequisite for obtaining auto insurance coverage.

How are home and auto insurance prices created?

Home and auto insurance prices are created by the insurance broker doing research on the probability of them having to make a claim, and the amount it would cost to repair or replace such insured article.

Auto insurance underwriter do?

What does an auto insurance underwriter do?

What is SR71 auto insurance?

What is SR71 auto insurance

What is QB in auto insurance?

It is stuff about auto insurance

What is the potential penalty for auto insurance fraud and can it include jail?

Penalties for crimes are specified by State statutes. Therefore, each State has it own menu of penalties for various crimes, including auto insurance fraud. In theory, jail may be a potential penalty, depending upon the severity of the offense. Typically, degrees of severity are also outlined by statute. In some states jail may be mandatory for certain degrees of auto insurance fraud, leaving no discretion to the judge in imposing a penalty. In other states, the judge is given much broader discretion in fashioning a remedy.

What is penalty for Grand Theft Auto in Florida?


What services are offered by Lonestar auto insurance?

Lonestar auto insurance offers insurance services to potential customers. Insurance coverage services offered include: auto insurance, life insurance, and travel insurance.

What are the various types of insurance offered by North Auto Insurance?

There are many different types of insurances that are offered by North Auto Insurance. These types of insurance include auto insurance, renters insurance, and home insurance.

What are the benefits of combining your home owners and auto insurance?

Your insurance rate will be significantly lowered if you combine insurance. You also have the convinience of having both insurances in one place.

How can I get cheap auto insurance in NY?

For cheap auto insurance in New York I would suggest trying Progressive auto insurance.

Is direct auto insurance better than indirect auto insurance?

Direct auto insurance is normally less exspensive to purchase.

Do most auto insurance companies have scooter insurance?

Yes, a lot of auto insurance companies also offer scooter insurance. You should check with your auto insurance company to be sure that it carries scooter insurance.