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you get a fee from the bank

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Q: What is the penalty for using the ATM of a bank that is not your bank?
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Related questions

What is the penalty of using an ATM of another bank?

There usually is a penalty for using an ATM at another bank. This penalty is usually just a small monetary fee.

What is the type penalty for using the ATM of a bank that is not your bank?

Financial in the form of a fee.

What is the penalty for using the atm of another bank?

your bank and the other bank may charge you a fee.

What is a ATM charge?

An ATM charge is when you are using an ATM that is not the ATM of your bank' company. Therefore, they charge you for it

What is the penalty of using another banks ATM?

yes is the best

Whats the meaning for ATM surcharge?

An ATM Surcharge is the service charge that you have to pay for using a private ATM or the ATM of some other bank. For ex: If you have a Bank of America ATM and opt to use a private ATM machine in a shopping mall or a Chase bank ATM, then you will charged a surcharge for using an ATM that is not in Bank of America network because - the owner of the ATM would charge Bank of America for its customer taking money from their ATM

What are the ATM fees for Bank of America?

"Bank of America charges non-members an ATM withdrawal fee of two dollars. If one of their members uses a non Bank of America ATM, then that bank usually has their own amount regulated (as a transaction fee, or penalty)."

When would an ATM charge a you a fee?

When you're using a generic ATM that's not linked to any bank. Or if you're using another bank's ATM that your card isn't associated with.

What do own banks ATM mean?

Own Bank ATM means that the Bank owns the ATM. If you are a customer of this bank then there is (usually) no charge from withdrawing your own money from your account using this ATM. If the ATM were owned by another bank, you would most likely have to pay a charge to withdraw money from your bank's account.

What are the fees for using PNC Bank ATM?

If one has an account at PNC Bank, there is no charge to use a PNC Bank ATM. If one does not have an account with PNC, there is a $5 service charge for the use of an ATM.

What is an ATM surcharge?

This is a fee you will have to pay for using the ATM. Your bank may charge you a fee, as well as the company who owns the atm.

What is the penalty for using the ATM af a bank that is not your bank?

Speaking from a UK perspective - That depends on the individual bank concerned. Quite often your own bank will have an 'agreement' to allow you to use your card in other bank's ATM's. If your card has a Visa sign on it - you can usually withdraw cash from any ATM without charge. The only exceptions are ATM's in private businesses - such as a small shop - which charge a 'flat fee' regardless of how much cash you withdraw. In those circumstances, the fee paid goes to the shop owner - not the card company.

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