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What is the pension of a retired Lt General?

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2007-08-01 17:00:49

Apparently, under the OLD system of calcuating military

retirement, a member of the military leaving service at 20 years

would get 50% of the average of the highest three years' salary,

with a bonus of 2.5% for each year over 20 (which is 75% if

retiring at 30 years). Apparently the new system isn't quite so

simple, but my guess is that it hasn't gotten worse, especially for

officers wearing stars. An active duty Lieutenant General (pay

grade O-9) makes almost $13,000 per MONTH (or $153,000+ per year)

plus hefty allowances not all of which carry over to retirement. If

the retired Lt General in the Pat Tillman case loses a star, his

pension won't suffer much, as an active duty O-8 makes only

slightly less per month (about $11,600).

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