What is the percent of people affected by peer pressure?

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  • All people experience some type of peer pressure during their lifetime whether it is school peer pressure or work related peer pressure.
About 10% but that oesn't mean it couldn't rise at any moment.
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Do people get peer pressured into drinking.?

Yes, it does happen. If you feel pressured into doing something you do not want to do, talk to someone who can help you in saying 'no'. It is ok to say no. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in. You would be surprised in how much strength you really do have.

How does peer pressure affect the family?

Peer pressure affects the family by making kids try and do what they want! . They make kids disobey their parents . They have a mind of their own and go against their parents rules.

How does peer pressure affect teens?

Peer pressure has a large effect on teens everday choices. Peer pressure can be broken down into two groups; good peer pressure and bad peer pressure.. Good peer pressure is being pushed into somthing that you don't have the courage to do but is reletively good for you. Teens under good peer pressu ( Full Answer )

How does peer pressure affect your diet?

let's get ice cream. lets buy candy. "It wont hurt your diet if you. just have fries this one time" No, I don't want to go to the workout. with you......

How many people have given into peer pressure?

No one can besure because most 8-9 out of 10 do and those who don't are eitherreally lucky or are not associated with people as well as theyshould be. People can fight it by just walking awaythough.

Why do most people use peer-pressure?

People use peer pressure to dare kids in school to do things they do not want to do. Most of the time the people who dare people are to scared to do the dare themselves so they dare other people to see if they will do it. And if they don't the person who gave the dare will call them names or insult ( Full Answer )

Why people give into peer pressure?

this is a quite deep psychological thing, basically there are 3 types of agreeing with sum1, compliance which is when you just go along with it, internalisation when you completely chaneg your mind and wholly believe it and identification in it- it depends which of these it is as to why. the 2 no ( Full Answer )

Why do people give into peer pressure?

we give into pressure because we don't want to be mad fun of or be rejects. even though most teenagers know right from wrong they give into the pressure. Easily influenced or persuaded by others. Personal "problem" in the end that needs to be fixed.

How does peer pressure affect parent and child relationship?

The ability to understand your children is an essential parenting skill that many parents do not have. There is quite a lot of literature available on the subject of parenting. You can help yourself by learning and practicing some important parenting skills.. Some of the most important skills requi ( Full Answer )

What percent of teens give into peer pressure?

Depends on what the pressure is to do. Not everyone will give into peer pressure to smoke but they might give into peer pressure to jaywalk. So pretty much 100% will give into peer pressure about something. . Here are some stats:. Smoking (cigarettes) - 38%. Smoking (Drugs) - 53%. Other Drugs - ( Full Answer )

How can peer pressure affect a persons diet?

Peer pressure can affect someone's diet either negatively orpositively. The person could feel like they must eat similar foodsas their friends do or drink as they do. Also peer pressure inother areas can cause someone to stress eat.

How does peer pressure affects people?

Example of peer pressure-. Dope head: Hey little jimmy wanna ciggarete. Little Jimmy: Uh i dont know if i should, my dad says ciggaretes are bad for you and my teacher says i could get cancer from them.. Dope head: awe come one that only happens if you do it for years, and besides dont you wanna ( Full Answer )

Peer pressure is affecting your child What should you do?

Peer pressure will always affect your child. The best thing to do is give them the freedom to make their own decisions. At the end of the day it's their life, and if you get too involved with their life they will hate you for it.. You just have to trust them to make their own decisions at the end o ( Full Answer )

Why do people put peer pressure?

People naturally want others to be like them. It makes them more comfortable. Peer pressure is a way to get people to conform to the group. Sometimes it is good, sometimes not, depending on the kind of pressure and the group. Generally it could be considered negative, as it discourages people from b ( Full Answer )

When does peer pressure affect?

It effects you emotionally, physically and it effects your diet. It also affects your mind and makes you depressed.

How many people die from peer pressure?

It would be impossible to state a specific number of people dyingfrom peer pressure. However, many people commit suicide, begin badhabits like smoking and drinking, and take risks because of peerpressure.

How can a negative example of peer pressure affect an individual?

A negative example of peer pressure is like when your friends try to get you do drink, do drugs, or something else illegal or unsafe for your age. These example of negative peer pressure can affect a person in the way the person thinks about themselves, thinking that they need to please others, or e ( Full Answer )

Why do people give peer pressure?

Peer Pressure isn't always intentioned. A lot of times it just happens. People think everyone else is talking about them, but they aren't. Everyone is doing one thing, and you are the odd one out. No matter if its a good thing that they are doing, or a bad thing (which is usually the case) only do s ( Full Answer )

How can peer pressure affect your diet?

peer pressure can affect a diet because if someone does not like to eat something but someones forces them then this is called peer pressure

How many people get influence by peer pressure?

Everybody! Becoming subject to peer pressure is an unavoidable part of maturing into an adult. It is a true test of friendship; those who attempt to pressure you into doing something bad against your will fail this test. However, those who encourage you to do something which could potentially help y ( Full Answer )

How peer pressure affect drop out rate?

I think its because one kid drops out and then pressures their friend to drop out too then that kid does the same and so on and kids don't know how to handle pressure as well

How peer pressure affect the students?

Peer pressure tends to have more of an effect on children with low self-esteem. If a child feels compelled to fit in, the teen may do things that go against his or her beliefs simply to be part of the group. Peer pressure can lead to experimentation with drugs and alcohol, sex, skipping school, and ( Full Answer )

What is peer pressure and its affects?

Peer pressure is influence that a peer group or individual exertsthat encourages others to change their attitudes, values, orbehavior to conform to group norms.Example: Lets say I was lookingfor a school club to join. Then I find out that a few of my friendsare in the Art Club and they tell me that ( Full Answer )

How does peer pressure affect a person?

it makes them feel like they have to commit to something they don'tnecessarily want to commit to, so it can result in: -shame, because they gave into the peer pressure in the first place(which is not their fault but most people after giving into peerpressure kick themselves for it) -it can often ma ( Full Answer )

How peer pressure affect consumer wants and needs?

young children will pester their parents over things like toys or cereal because of adverts they've seen which pressure them into being part of something Also adverts constantly tell everyone that you NEED this, or that something will 'save your family from germs' or whatever with a statistic that ( Full Answer )

How can peer pressure affect your choices?

because your friends are the people pressuring you, you dont want to say no as they might not like you anymore. in thiss way peer pressure can effect your choises as you may feel that you have to say yes to whatever they want you to do. even if you dont want to do it.

How does peer bullying affect people locally?

Kids are so insecure... everything that happens to them has a HUGE effect on how there mood is. That being said, when a kid is being yelled at, beat up, or even spit on (bullied) it really takes a downfall on how there life is... the more they are bullied the more they are depressed, and in some cas ( Full Answer )

How people peer pressure people to smoke?

usually it will be in a situation that the person being pressured into it least expects, for instance you'll be just hanging around somewhere and then suddenly a mate or two will bring out some cigarettes or something, the rest of the group will go along with it usually in these situations, and then ( Full Answer )

How does peer pressure affect the nursing student?

Peer pressure in Nursing Shool is more likely to be the positive kind, where we all want our classmates to succeed , and even excel. If you feel unduly pressured, ask your classmates to back off. If you need help or tutoring, just ask. If anything or anyone is bothering you, tell your clinical advis ( Full Answer )

How does peer pressure affect teens life?

Peer pressure can affect them. They might be willing to do anything that there peers are doing and it could go against there parents wishes. Peer pressure may lead to teens doing what there peers are doing and it may affect them in the future.

How does peer pressure affect diet?

A child or adult may be peer pressured to look skinnier and more like the celebrities. Therefore they may refuse to eat certain types of food or not eat food. This may also lead on to food disorders. As well as that a child or adult may be peer pressured to be a vegetarian or vegan. If a child doesn ( Full Answer )

How can peer pressure affect anorexia nervosa?

Peer pressure is often negative on an individual. People are subject to teasing or bullying, often targeted towards appearances or by a basis of strict social standards. As a result, eating disorders like anorexia may develop as a person tries to unsuccessfully cope or conform to social pressures.

Why do people get affected by peer pressure?

because other people pressure them in to doing things they dont want to do. They'll threaten them and just keep going on at them continuously until they do whatever it is the want them to do.

How does peer pressure affects your social status?

Peer pressure is all about a mental situation where one tries too hard to get accepted in the society. It results into doing things which makes one more acceptable in the society and the peer group. This is more common in teenagers but people who are more worried about their social status and reputa ( Full Answer )

Does peer pressure have a bigger affect on parents or teens?

Peer pressure can have an affect o both adults and teens but the most cOmmOn and most affected in the situation would have to be teens because of all thier hormones and thief trying to fit in and be cool and thief more conteolling.

What are the economic situations of the people who get peer pressure?

There isn't any fixed situation for people to get influenced by peer pressure. They could be of good economic background as well. But yes, people of a lower economic background are more susceptible to it because they are prone to have an inferiority complex and may be deprived of a lot in life. Som ( Full Answer )

Does peer pressure affect basketball performance?

it depends if the peer pressure is for the better or for the worst, peer pressure may be about putting pressure on you to do extremely well however this could lead you to stressing out and taking a stupid miss or could lead to determination and pure perseverance which is sure to make your performanc ( Full Answer )

How can peer pressure affect your performance?

If its negative peer pressure, like people are telling you that you're going to do bad, then it can give you negative thoughts about your own performance which will make you very nervous and so you'll probably mess up. If its positive peer pressure, like someone encouraging or convincing you, then i ( Full Answer )

How does peer pressure affect public opinion?

If it suddenly becomes mainstream, popular, or cool to say the word"awesome" then more and more people are going to say the word"awesome" it's just word-of-mouth. But adjectives, slang and jargonaren't the only words that peer pressure affects. If it suddenlybecomes looked down upon to wear fluro co ( Full Answer )

How can peer pressure affect your money management?

Peers can influence you to spend money that you would not spend ifit were not for the peer pressure. On the other hand, peers caninfluence you positively by encouraging you not to spend moneyunwisely.