What is the percent of people affected by peer pressure?

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  • All people experience some type of peer pressure during their lifetime whether it is school peer pressure or work related peer pressure.
About 10% but that oesn't mean it couldn't rise at any moment.
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How does peer pressure affect the family?

Peer pressure affects the family by making kids try and do what they want! . They make kids disobey their parents . They have a mind of their own and go against their pare

How does peer pressure affect your diet?

let's get ice cream. lets buy candy. "It wont hurt your diet if you. just have fries this one time" No, I don't want to go to the workout. with you......

How does peer pressure affects people?

Example of peer pressure-. Dope head: Hey little jimmy wanna ciggarete. Little Jimmy: Uh i dont know if i should, my dad says ciggaretes are bad for you and my teacher says

When does peer pressure affect?

It effects you emotionally, physically and it effects your diet. It also affects your mind and makes you depressed.

How can peer pressure affect your diet?

peer pressure can affect a diet because if someone does not like to eat something but someones forces them then this is called peer pressure

How peer pressure affect the students?

Peer pressure tends to have more of an effect on children with low self-esteem. If a child feels compelled to fit in, the teen may do things that go against his or her beliefs

What is peer pressure and its affects?

Peer pressure is influence that a peer group or individual exertsthat encourages others to change their attitudes, values, orbehavior to conform to group norms.Example: Lets s

How does peer pressure affect a person?

it makes them feel like they have to commit to something they don'tnecessarily want to commit to, so it can result in: -shame, because they gave into the peer pressure in the

How can peer pressure affect your choices?

because your friends are the people pressuring you, you dont want to say no as they might not like you anymore. in thiss way peer pressure can effect your choises as you may f
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How does peer pressure affect diet?

A child or adult may be peer pressured to look skinnier and more like the celebrities. Therefore they may refuse to eat certain types of food or not eat food. This may also le
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Why do people get affected by peer pressure?

because other people pressure them in to doing things they dont want to do. They'll threaten them and just keep going on at them continuously until they do whatever it is the
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How can peer pressure affect your performance?

If its negative peer pressure, like people are telling you that you're going to do bad, then it can give you negative thoughts about your own performance which will make you v
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How does peer pressure affects choice?

Peer Pressure effects the choices we make by making us feel like wehave to make a certain choice in order to look cool in front of ourfriends.