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Sikhs make about less than 5% of the worlds population.

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How many people are sikhs?

They number about 27 million worldwide, Sikhs make up 0.39 percent of the world population.

What percent of the Canadian population are Sikhs?

There are approximately 225, 000 Sikhs in Canada that make about 0.6% of the nations population.

What is the importance of the Sikhs?

The Sikhs are an Indian religious sect of people. The Sikhs are fanatics and dangerous. They assassinated Andira Gandhi by shooting her in the back.

Why do Sikhs follow guru nanak?

Sikhs believe that guru Nanak was the greatest leader of the Sikhs he taught people to treat every 1 equally

How do Sikhs care for the environment?

Sikhs believe that people should be in harmony with the earth and all of God's creation.

What do you call people who practice Sikhism?


What is the Sikhism people called?

they are called sikhs.

How many people are Sikhs in India?

Worldwide, there are 25,800,000 (25.8 million) Sikhs, but around 75% of Sikhs live in the Indian state of Punjab, where they are close to 59.9% of the population. Large communities of Sikhs live in the neighboring states, and large communities of Sikhs can be found across India. However, Sikhs are only about 2% of the Indian population

Are Sikhs nice?

Sikhs are humans, you can not sterotype (generalise) one set of people. Yes Sikhs are nice, and there are all sorts of personalities, you will even meet a Sikh like yourself.

Why is a kirpan special to Sikhs?

because a kirpan is a knife that can affend british people. it is a small knife that Sikhs carry around.

Why do Sikhs wear the 5k's?

The Sikhs wear the 5ks as Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th guru wanted Sikhs to stand out from groups of people after one of his disciples failed to recognise any Sikhs in a group during the martyrdom of his 2 younger sons.

Do Malaysian people wear turbans?

only Sikhs

How do Sikhs believe people should be treated?

they don't

How did Sikhism diffuse throughout the world?

Like any other religion people that are Sikhs went to different countries and other people found out and wanted to be Sikhs aswell :P

What does Sikhs believe about their god?

Well they believe a lot if things Sikhs are great people and then have a god who cares for them and treats them like a child of their own.

How many people in the world are Sikhs?

25 to 30 million

What kind of people are Sikhs?

Nice people who are usually descendants of Hindu and Islamic religion.

Do Sikhs have shrines?

Sikhs have gurudawaras

Can Sikhs have butter?

Sikhs is not real

What is Sikhs country of origin?

Sikhs are from India. Most of the Sikhs come from North Western Sate of Punjab where most of the Sikhs live.

Who goes to the Sikhs meetings?

Since the meetings are of Sikhs, so usually Sikhs are present there.

Are Sikh people Musilm?

No, Sikhs are not Muslims but Sikhism is itself a religion.

What do people think about Sikhs?

theres not much difference between them and hindus

Do Sikhs have special occasions?

There are no specials days or holidays for Sikhs, though Sikhs do celebrate the Birthdays of Sikhs Gurus and other important events.

Why is the Sewa so important to the Sikhs?

Sewa is important to the Sikhs because it shows that you are helping people. Anybody can do sewa like adults. Children can do sewa too.