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60% its a lot more common now and they dont check i.d

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โˆ™ 2009-05-07 06:56:18
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Q: What is the percentage of 14 year old child with their belly button pierced?
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What is the minimum age a child has to be to get belly button pierced in Virginia?

16 if your parents sign with you. If they don't or wont, you have to be 18 :)

I'm 17 and you have your belly button pierced so when you have kids it wont stretch the hole?

I'm not completely sure how this question is supposed to be worded, but I had my belly button pierced at 14 and had a child at 17. I took the jewelry out when I was pregnant til about a month ago, my daughters 15 months, so I had it out for awhile. But the hole DID stretch, and when you're pregnant your belly button pushes more inwards. Or it's deeper.

Your child's belly button is paining?

its is probally because they have it pierced if they wont show it to you but if they dont they could have tried to but if it has no sigh of piercing or infection where one used to be then take your kid to the doctor

Can you die from cutting the center of your belly button?

no i know this because my grandad had the center of his belly button cut of when he was a child and he is still with us.

What is the site of umbilical cord attachment?

to the child it is their belly button.

Can you not have babies by piercing your belly button?

Piercing your belly bottom has nothing to do with having a child and it does not affect the process.

Child is bleeding through belly button?

Get off the computer and get to the hospital NOW

What can you do if your 12 year old child had her belly button pierced without a legal guardians consent and the person with your child was not the legal guardian?

You could sue the people who took her to get it done along with who did it. Or you can just take it out and let it heal back over and it should almost vanish.

What is Umblicial Cord?

The cord that connects between the mother and the child which is cut after the birth connected on the child's belly button.

Is the front of a diaper supposed to go around the stomach or go just bellow the belly button or over it?

A proper diaper fit should be just below the belly button. However, you will find that sometime when a child is in between sizes you will have no choice but put on a diaper that slightly covers the belly button

Is the front of a diaper supposed to go around the stomach or go just bellow the belly button?

A proper fitting diaper should be just below the belly button. After all you don't want stuff getting up inside there. However, you will find that a child (or Adult even) will sometimes be between sizes and you will have no choice but cover the belly button until the child grows a little.

Why shouldn't i get my belly button pierced if i want kids one day?

I am no expert, but your skin obviously stretches as your child gets bigger, making the piercing uncomfortable. From what I've heard, I don't think you can take out a belt button piercing and put it back in so when you are pregnant, you can just take it out. I believe it can also tear your skin. You can still get it pierced. When you get pregnant you can wear longer, flexible jewelry. Or you can just take it out if it's healed pretty thoroughly.

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