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What is the percentage of GAP policies that are paid out?


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2004-12-27 21:08:51
2004-12-27 21:08:51

I don't know, but, the GAP policy I had used the formula: Outstanding loan balance minus cash value as the beginning of it's calculation. Then it went out to subtract refunds of extended warranties, etc. It really sounds like it is doing the same thing as "regular" insurance. I can't see where it would pay out very often since cars depreciate so much and so quickly. Thanks for the reply, but that wasn't my question. I was wondering how many people ever file claims against their GAP insurance; i.e. the percentage of GAP policies which ever have a claim made against them.


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You need to contact your insurance provider if you want to check your paid up policies. You can visit their website or offices for more information on the paid up policies.

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The dividends paid on life insurance policies by the insurer are called reversionary bonus which varies yoy.

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