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only 2 out of 10 children have a birth defect

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Q: What is the percentage of babies with a defect?
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What is the percentage of babies born with genitourinary birth defect?

About half of the population is born with genetic defects....1/3 of us dont know it..

How is a ventricular septal defect different from an atrial septal defect?

Ventricular septal defect affects the ventricles common in babies with down syndrome while atrial septal defect is affecting the atrium.

Are babies cute?

Yes.... when they'rye not crying, or having a birth defect.

Birth defect commonly found in babies born to older mothers?


What does Congenital heart?

"Congenital" means present at birth. So, a congenital heart defect is a defect (structural anomaly) that is present at birth. 1 in 100 babies are born with a congenital heart defect.

What percentage of babies have the name Katie?

, the highest percentage of babies who have been named Katie is 0.563% in 1986.

Can human babies get pregnant?

That is not possible. at times you get fetus inside the baby. That is congenital defect.

What the medical term for been born with a hole in her heart?

Congenital Heart Defect. Some babies are born with a hole in the lower or upper septum, the upper is atrial septal defect & the lower is called ventricular septal defect.

Your hamster wont go in with her babies?

probly means theres a defect or he is resenting them and shunning them as to not to care for them

If all data fall between 3 Sigma levels what percentage of the product is acceptable -- defect free?

If all data fall between 3 Sigma levels, what percentage of the product is acceptable -- defect free?

Why are babies born with no hearing?

Babies are born with hearing. They have fully functional ears, but they are just learning how to use them. Some babies are born with no hearing, as a birth defect. They may recover their hearing, and they may not.

When are infants who have undergone abdominal wall defect repair discharged from the hospital?

Babies born with omphaloceles can stay in the hospital from one week to one month after surgery, depending on the size of the defect. Babies are discharged from the hospital when they are taking all their feedings by mouth and gaining weight

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