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Bella doesn't wear a perfume - her natural scent is obviously good enough for Edward


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She wears many different kinds

He has never publicly revealed what perfume/cologne he wears

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she wears brittany spears or justin bieber

Bella Swan (In breaking dawn she is Bella Cullen)

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every woman wears a bra

Bella likes to wear comfortable clothes like the sweat pants she wears to bed. She hardly ever wears dresses, skirts, or shorts, she mainly sticks to jeans.

yes Bella swan would wear yellow Why wouldn't she ? She wears it for her graduation

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she usually wears jeans or sweatpants

of course she wears a bra what teenager doesn't

Bella wears AE's The Artist Jean. It is still available at AE in stores and online.

no one knows what size she wears go ask bella ur self on twitter

zendaya because bella wears too much make up but i think thery are both beautiful

lavender and freesia(AKA what Bella is supposed to smell like to Edward)

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