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What is the phrase 'I miss you' when translated from English to Japanese?


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grammatically correct answer:

There is no direct way to say "I miss you" in Japanese. Japanese people are not very direct and open about their emotions, as a result they have to express "I miss you" in a more round about way.

First, you need to know how you want to address the person:

  • あなた (anata): very informal; used by both men & women to people they are very familiar with.
  • 君 (kimi): same as anata, however it is more masculine; usually used by men
  • (name)ーさん (-san): formal; when attached to the end of a name it means Mr./Mrs.
  • (name)ーちゃん (-Chan): informal; when attached to the end of a name it changes it into a "nickname"

Here are two ways to express "I miss you"

  • XXX に会いたい(です)。
XXX ni ai tai (desu).literally: I want to see XXX.*desu can be omitted in informal situations*It is similar to the way 보고싶어 (bogoshipeo) means "I miss you" when it literally means I want to see you.
  • XXX がいなくて(私は)寂しい(です)。
XXX ga inakute, (watashi WA) sabishii (desu).literally: When XXX (are/is) not here, (I) am lonely.*desu can also be omitted*watashi WA is often omitted because it is implied

original answer:

i miss you - Anata ga inakute sabishii yo :)