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What is the phrase 'god slayer' when translated from English to Japanese?

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August 16, 2010 11:44PM

1) Kamigoroshi

2) Kamisatsugaisha

Well, I'm sure these two phrases are as close as it could get to 'Goldslayer'.

The kanji for 1 : 神殺し ; 神 meaning God (kami) & 殺し as suffix could mean killer, murderer

The kanji for 2 : 殺害者 meaning killer (satsugaisha) in general, some might question

that 殺人者 (satsujinsha) could be used which is a common word for killer, murderer, but

I must emphasize the use of 人 (hito, jin,etc)in that combination adds a meaning

of 'person, man, human' to that compound, giving it a totall meaning of 'man killer', 'human murderer'.