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A torch with an olive branch on the left and an oak branch on the right.

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Torch and olive branch

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Q: What is the picture on the back of the US dime?
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Who is on the back of a US dime?

As you can see by checking the back of a dime in your pocket change, the back side of a dime doesn't show the picture of a person. Please see the Related Questions for more.

Who picture on the us dime?

Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the US dime.

What does a 1901 dime look like?

See the related links below labeled "Front" and "Back" for a picture of a 1901 US dime.

Who s picture is on the us dime?

Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the US dime.

What mans picture is on the US dime?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

What year did george washington appear on the dime?

Washington was never on the US dime. His picture has been on the quarter since 1932.

What is the name of the building on the back of dime?

The dime doesn't have a picture of a building on it. The penny used to have the Lincoln Memorial, and the nickel shows Monticello.

Picture of 1914 dime?

What are the dimensions of a 1914 dime and do you have a picture of one?

What is on the back of a 1937 dime?

The back of a 1937 dime features an image of an olive branch on the left and a torch on the right, symbolizing peace and liberty, with the word "ONE DIME" in the center.

Who appears on back of a US dime?

No one appears on the back of a dime, but on currently circulating dimes, Franklin D. Roosevelt appears on the front.

What is the value of a 1908 Victory dime?

There's no US dime called a "Victory" dime. All 1908 US dimes carry a portrait of Miss Liberty on the front and the words ONE DIME on the back. They're called Liberty dimes or more commonly "Barber" dimes after Charles Barber, the artist who designed them. You may be confusing the coin with a 1908 Liberty Head coin that has the letter V on the back. The reason that coin is the size of a nickel is that it IS a nickel, and the letter V is the Roman numeral for 5, not an abbreviation for Victory. There's more information at the Related Questions.

Did the US mint make a dime with a penny back in 1971?

Nope. You have a novelty item made by cutting apart a penny and a dime, then hollowing out the back of the penny and popping the dime-half into it like the lid on a sandwich box.