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Pilgrimage (or Hajj) is the fifth pillar of the Islam 5 pillars. It is mandatory for any Muslim to do Hajj unless prevented by health, financial, or security reason.


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Muslims make a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Piligrimage to Mecca " when you are capable of doing it " is one of the five pillars of Islam & it's called in Arabic " Hajj".

Muslims who come for piligrimage. Muslims who come for " Omra " Muslims who come to pray in Al-Masjd Al-Haram "the name of the mosque where Al-Ka'aba is " Muslims who come for the three reasons. even , looking at Al-Ka'aba is a pleasure itself ... All Muslims wish to visit Al-Ka'aba ....It's a journey of a lifetime !

It is for a change of our mechanical life.

Answer: The 5 Pillars of Islam for Muslims in the Philppines as well as all the other Muslims are: 1. Testigying that there is no diety worthy of worship except Allah, and that Mohammed is the messenger and servant of Allah. 2. performing prayer 5 times a day 3. paying charity to the poor 4. Fasting the month of Ramadan 5. performing piligrimage to the house of Allah if you can afford it.

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Hajj or piligrimage is incomplete unless you go to Arafa or it's also called Arafat. Prophet Mohammad PBUH simply stated this rule by saying " the piligrimage is Arafa" & certianly what is said by the prophet indicates & represents what Allah (God ) wants as the prophet is inspired & completely led by Allah.

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