What is the pirate code?

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The pirate code was a set of rules that a pirate had to follow.

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Q: What is the pirate code?
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What is the code of ethics for a pirate?

the pirate code for ehtics is no one knows unless you go ask a pirate

What is the pirate code from the Caribbean?


What are the Lego Club code?

pirate & speeders

What is pirate pongs code on moshi monsters?

Pirate Pong is a Glump, one of CLONC's terrible minions. The Glumps are characters in Super Moshi missions and do not have a code.

What is the diamond pirate code in Bin Weevils?


How do you get the pirate costume in I am learning?

by puttin g in the code

What is the code to the pirate hat for the puffle on club penguin?


How do you get the skull pirate costume in poptropica?

its the prome code and it is skullbook

Why isn't Jack Sparrows father a pirate king?

I think that Jack Sparrows father use to be a pirate king but when he got older he "retired" and became the keeper of the pirate code.

What is the code for j6 pirate armor in aqw?

check out my char page= grunt 11 the code is 1gbd9854hdl854

According to pirate code when a pirate is marooned on an island he's left with what item and why?

A bottle of rum (for some reason that's the sailor's traditional liquor) and a loaded pistol. The pirate was expected to get drunk and commit suicide.

What is another name for the rules pirates obeyed on board ship?

the pirate code

How do you get the skull pirate costume on poptropica?

You have to find a code in the book skulldugery island!

What is the code for the pirate boots in club penguin?

Either.... * buy a rockhopper plush toy * buy a red puffle * buy a red puffle pirate * OR you can look online everywhere to find a free code. Good Luck :)

What is the Lego pirate of the Caribbean video game cheat code for black beard?

the cheat code for black beard is - d3dw0d

What is the Lego pirates of the Caribbean treasure hunt pirate code in the november lego club magazine?

The code is BLACK PEARL.

What is the ragdoll software registration code?

You need to pay for one, unless you are trying to pirate one

What governor was an ex-pirate?

who was the governor who was ex-pirate

How did blackbeard become a pirate and where?

Blackbeard became a pirate in 1702 and he became a pirate by sneaking on a pirate ship

What is the cutthroat bundle code for pirate 101?

there is more than one cutthroat bundle code... you need to buy the cut throat bundle and follow the instructions on the card.

How do you open the Rosetta Stone .iso torrent from The Pirate Bay?

Even if you download it from pirate bay you wont be able to use it because you will need the serial code. Since Rosetta stone has a copyright on it, it can not be downloaded.

What does pirate mean in french?

it is the same in english. pirate in french is pirate!

How do you become a pirate on Dragon Fable?

to become a pirate you have to talk to a pirate near the sea and talk to him and click on become a pirate.

Did sir Frances drake become a pirate?

He was not a pirate for the British but was a pirate for the Spanish.

Who was a good pirate?

Laffite the Pirate was a good pirate, who sailed near Louisiana.