What is the point of WikiAnswers?

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2016-04-06 02:43:47

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Basically to ask and answer questions.

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2016-04-06 02:43:47
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Q: What is the point of WikiAnswers?
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What is the point of the new WikiAnswers design?

The new wikianswers design is cool and easier to use especially for n00bs. Now n00bs can search the wikianswers easier.

Hello you are WikiAnswers Ask you a question and you will answer it?

The point of WikiAnswers is to ask the entire community of contributors the question, and not just a single contributor.

Can you join WikiAnswers without a Facebook account?

No. At this point in time the only way to join WikiAnswers is by using a Facebook account.

What is the coolest thing about WikiAnswers?

It depends on your point of view. Everyone has different views, so the coolest thing about WikiAnswers is your favorite subject.

How do you ask an open question on wikianswers?

You already have ! Any question you ask is 'public' - for anyone to answer.... That's the whole point of forums (not just WikiAnswers).

What does it mean if you have recommended a contributor on WikiAnswers?

If you recommend a user on WikiAnswers, it means that you have given them a trust point. See 'related links' for more information.

What is the point of books if there is WikiAnswers?

While WikiAnswers is a good source of information, it does not take the place of books. WikiAnswers gives answers to specific questions but it does not give you a story or cover such broad subjects that books can.

How do you know someone gave you a trust point on WikiAnswers?

When you register on WikiAnswers you submit your email. When you receive a trust point, you also receive an email stating that you have received a trust point. The username or IP address who gave you the trust point will not be included however. You can also look on your profile page and see the trust point count.

Do you get points for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes, you get one contribution point per answer.

What does a trust point represent on WikiAnswers?

The Trust Point system allows contributors to vote for a WikiAnswers member whose contributions you think are worthwhile and legitimate, and clean. Please see the related links for more information on trust points.

What is benefit if i answer WikiAnswers questions?

You're helping people. That's the whole point to

Which website is better in terms of reliability - WikiAnswers or Wikipedia?

wikipedia is more reliable in terms of reliability but wikianswers is easier and faster to use plus it cuts straight to the point

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