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What is the point of becoming a member here at WikiAnswers?


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2009-12-22 23:05:36
2009-12-22 23:05:36

You can ask and answer questions and share your knowledge with the WikiAnswers community! WikiAnswers is all about sharing knowledge with the rest of the world, so the more knowledge you share, the more people you are helping out and the more people will appreciate you (even if they don't know you).

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Chris Whitten, the founder of WikiAnswers.

Well u are not correct answers are here too!And its called wikianswers cuz the point is that you ask and someone answers!Thats all!

I asked this question and I personaly think to just say thank you right here. love a member.

March 22, 2005 - the first member blocked. This account was blocked for profanity. As the account name was profane, it cannot be posted here.

Twiyp is not a common acronym; rather, it is the name of a member here on WikiAnswers. To him, Twiyp means "The World is Your Pearl."

WIT is an acronym for Wiki Influential Teens, a teen program here on WikiAnswers. If you are a member of the WIT Program, you are usually referred to as a 'WIT.'

This is when someone is part of a group. Like teachers at a school. Each teacher is a staff member. Like here on WikiAnswers. All supervisors are part of the staff here. Like lawyers at a firm, each lawyer is part of the firms staff.

Answers has the goal of becoming the top leading 'Question and Answer' website in the world, we're here to ask questions and answer them, that is the point of this entire website.

You can sign up, which gives you the privilege of helping the WikiAnswers community in several ways giving you certain abilities. Some abilities require being a special member like a Supervisor, WikiGuide, etc.

you can level up quick by becoming a member and you can get it free here:

Depends on your meaning of paying attention to you. I'm here responding to your question, so we here at wikianswers are paying attention to you.

Yes, Chris Whitten is the founder of WikiAnswers and he still has an account on WikiAnswers.

To ask and answer questions.

No. WikiAnswers is strictly a question and answer site. Nothing else.

Right here on WikiAnswers.

Anyone can answer questions on WikiAnswers. There are no bots here.

Yes, you can always ask any questions you like on wikianswers about Ebay. That is what Wikianswers is here for, you are free to ask anything.

Yes, WikiAnswers is actually good for a lot of things. If your question isn't on WikiAnswers, you have to post it. You can't expect your question to automatically be here and expect someone to answer a question that isn't here.

Regardless of the fact that Tip O'Niell is a former member of the US Congress, he is entitled to his privacy, and WikiAnswers does not permit private information to be posted here. You will not get his private address here.

They are here to protect wikianswers, and block vandals/spammers/cyberbullies from this site.

The only page that you can have on WikiAnswers is your Bio Page, which you automatically get and can edit at your leisure when you sign up for a WikiAnswers account.

Yes and I started it here at WikiAnswers. You can go to my profile below and you can join us today by asking me.

WikiAnswers 'Help Center'Here is the link to the Help Center on WikiAnswers: the category that includes questions about WikiAnswers, see the related link.

You could contact a person who is a member of WikiAnswers, on their message board. One who would be good to contact would be Crystal; she's a Community Administrator at WikiAnswers. Here is the link to her message board:

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