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The population of Trindade - Beja - is 345.

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What is Beja District's population?

Beja District's population is 161,211.

What is the population of Beja Municipality?

The population of Beja Municipality is 34,970.

What is Salvador Beja 's population?

The population of Salvador - Beja - is 5,774.

What is Santiago Maior Beja 's population?

Santiago Maior - Beja -'s population is 7,855.

What is Santa Vitória - Beja -'s population?

The population of Santa Vitória - Beja - is 750.

What is the population of São João Baptista - Beja -?

São João Baptista - Beja -'s population is 6,269.

What is the population density of Beja Municipality?

Beja Municipality's population density is 31 people per square kilometer.

What is the population of Trindade?

Trindade's population is 6,636.

When was Fatos Beja born?

Fatos Beja was born in 1948.

How tall is Frederico Beja?

Frederico Beja is 5' 7".

When was C.D. Beja created?

C.D. Beja was created in 1947.

What has the author Antonio Xavier Trindade written?

Antonio Xavier Trindade has written: 'Antonio Xavier Trindade' -- subject(s): Exhibitions

What is the airport code for Beja Airport?

The airport code for Beja Airport is BYJ.

What is the area of Salvador Beja?

The area of Salvador - Beja - is 6,140,000.0 square meters.

When was Pedro Moraes Trindade born?

Pedro Moraes Trindade was born in 1950.

What has the author Trindade Nahara written?

Trindade Nahara has written: 'Communicating in English'

When did Battle of Trindade happen?

Battle of Trindade happened on 1914-09-14.

What has the author Irene Guedes Trindade written?

Irene Guedes Trindade has written: '\\'

When did Armando Trindade die?

Armando Trindade died on 2000-07-31.

When was Armando Trindade born?

Armando Trindade was born on 1927-10-25.

When was Anderson Carvalho Trindade born?

Anderson Carvalho Trindade was born on 1983-06-13.

When was Elias Mendes Trindade born?

Elias Mendes Trindade was born on 1985-05-16.

When was Manuel d'Almeida Trindade born?

Manuel d'Almeida Trindade was born on 1918-04-20.

When did Manuel d'Almeida Trindade die?

Manuel d'Almeida Trindade died on 2008-08-05.

When did Arsénio Trindade Duarte die?

Arsénio Trindade Duarte died on 1986-02-11.

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