What is the population of the Azores?

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The Azores are nine islands and rocky islets in the Atlantic Ocean less than 1,000 miles from Portugal. They're an autonomous region. According to the 2001 Census, their population was 241,763. It's estimated at 243,018 for 2006. In 2007 the population was around 244,000.
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Where are the Azores?

A group of volcanic islands in the northern Atlantic Ocean about 1,448 km (900 mi) west of mainland Portugal, of which they are administrative districts. Fishing, farming, and tourism are important to their economy.

How many ATMs are in Lajes Field Azores?

Banking. The Pentagon Federal Credit Union has a branch at Lajes. There is an ATM located outside the Credit Union that dispenses dollars, while the ATMs at the Portuguese Terminal and BX dispense Euros. Personal checks can be cashed at the Base Exchange and the club. Additionally, money order servi ( Full Answer )

What is the exact location of Azores?

Answer . The Azores are volcano-formed islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The link below will take you to a list of all countries with their Latitude and Longitude location.

What do people in azores eat?

Plenty of fish (cod fish, sardines, octopus, shellfish, clams and many many more). Potatoes, rice, soups. Meats : the usual beef, pork and not so usual rabbit. Azores are especially known for their cod fish dishes (bacalau), Cuizido (boiled meats with cabbage, carrots, blood sausage) sausage (chouri ( Full Answer )

What do people in azores wear?

they wear clothes. what did you think? i know there are fig trees there. but, they don't wear the leaves.

Who governs the azores?

It is governed by Spain. Sorry, but Portugal governs the Azores.I am here at the moment, speaking Portuguese in an autonomousregion of Portugal called Açores. The Spanish come here tovisit.

Who is the governor of Azores?

Azores does not have a governor, it has a president. The president (government) is Vasco Cordeiro and the president (assembleia) is Ana Luis.

Does the drug azor cause swelling of the ankles?

YES! i have been taking it for less then 30days. My ankles have over 30lbs of fluid in them. I have fainted. Heart palpatations. I am exhausted. Low fever, pimples, my blood sugar has increased to appear that I now have diabetes. ( it was fine before the drug). There are other drugs you can take. Ta ( Full Answer )

What is the flight time from Dublin to Azores?

The flight time from Dublin in Ireland to Azores is approximately 3hours and 26 minutes. The exact travel time will vary as it depends on factors such asweather conditions, flight speed, refuelling stops and delays. Yourairline can provide additional information.

Can you hunt deer in Azores Portugal?

There are no wild deer in the Azores. There is a rabbit season,depending on the island (some islands have all-year rabbit hunting,as they sometimes hit plague-level populations). There are a fewdeer living on Monte Brasil, near the fort. I saw their tracks anddropping on the trail. I was told there ( Full Answer )

How far is Azores from Bermuda?

As the Azores are quite a large archipelago, there are several answers. The shortest distance between the two, Bermuda to Flores, is 3108km (1931 miles). The longest distance, between Bermuda and the Formigas, is 3661 km (2274 miles). An average distance would be around 3400 km (2100 miles).

Is Azores a city?

Azores is an archipel, a group composed by nine islands formed in the middle of the atlantic.

Where is the population?

The population is the people who live in a city or the province or the country. Example: There are about 1 billion people who live in China. There are about 300 million people who live in U.S. P.S. The population is the number of people live in the country

What country are the Azores in?

The Azores are an island group in the northern Atlantic Ocean. They belong to the country of Portugal .

Is Portugal or the azores islands in the meditteranean?

The Archipelago of Azores is located at the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. For this fact Azores is considered as one of the possible places that best correspond to the legend of Atlantis. Mainland Portugal is bordered by Spain in the North and East side and by the Atlantic Ocean in the West and Sout ( Full Answer )

Were is Azores islands?

About 1000 km from the coast of Portugal's Capital Lisbon and it is also owned by Portugal.

What currency is used in the Azores?

In the Azores the official currency is the Euro. Before the Euro went into circulation, the official currency was the Portuguese Escudo

Famous landmarks of Azores?

The entire downtown area of Angra do Heroismo is a world heritagesite. A well know landmark is the the beautiful mountain on Pico.

Who governs the islands called the Azores?

The Azores represent an autonomous area within the Portuguese Republic. The Azores Autonomous Region [Regiao Autonomia dos Acores] is a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. The Azores are about 930 miles [1,500 kilometers] from Lisbon, Portgual and about 2,400 miles [3,900 kilometers] fr ( Full Answer )

Are the azores far from the US?

Quite far, but not as far as the East Coast of the USA is from the West Coast of the USA. Check it on a map and see.

What is the Flight time between Toronto and the Azores?

The flight time from Toronto, Canada to the Azures, an island cluster owned by Portugal, is approximately 5 hours and 46 minutes. The total distance is approximately 4513.03 km or 2804 miles. This flight time is approximate. Factors such as weather conditions could affect the flight time.

Where do I rent a bicycle in San Miguel Azores?

The place to rent bicycles and scooters in Sao miguel, Azores is called: Bicycles and Motos Rental and it is owned by Nuno Vasco Carvalho Address: Rua Antonio Joaquim Nunes da Silva, 55A 9500-020 Ponta Delgada Tel/Fax + 351 296 628304 Cell phone + 351 966256212 Email. bikerental@sapo.pt it is situa ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of each color on the Azores flag?

blue and white: old colors from portugals flag (19th century) the flag in the left upper corner: the membership to Portugal the golden hawk: the name azores derivate from the portuguese word for hawk the stars above the hawk: the number of islands the azores contains of

Is azor like xanax?

No. Azor is a blood pressure med. There is a slight danger when mixing these two medicines. One can experience extremely low blood pressure.

Was azores always a part of Portugal?

Azores is an archipelago and its islands are far from each other. It was a place where many ships crashed, Portugal saw those Islands recognised as theirs after the Tordesilhas treaty. No other country ever had it.

Who governs azores islands?

The Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal. I am actually hereas I write. They are part of Portugal, but have a great deal ofindependence. On the other hand, they are totally part of mainlandPortugal and dependent on the government for protection, currency,EU status, etc.

Who governs islands called the azores?

The regional president, the regional legislature and the regional parliament. The president of Portugal holds power of veto.

What is the telephone area code for the Azores in Portugal?

Portugal is telephone country code +351. Portugal does not use telephone area codes, per se; simply dial the 9-digit national number after the country code. However, most numbers in the Azores begin with +351 295. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM m ( Full Answer )

How long to sail from Cuba to Azores?

This is a professinal teacher speaking....or typing....but anyways it take s1,00000,000,000,000,000,000,009 miles to get from Chine to Spagetti. Signed With Dignity, Mrs. Your Mom's Spagetti (aka Mrs. Pasta) Thisi sifjf ndfksi

When did mormonism reach the azores islands?

The following comes from the official website of the church, in their statistical and historical information about Portugal and the Azores: "The earliest known Latter-day Saints living on the Azores islands were members of the U.S. military assigned to Lajes Air Field about 1954. By 1958, a service ( Full Answer )

What movie and television projects has Juanita Azores been in?

Juanita Azores has: Played Chispa in "El alcalde de Zalamea" in 1954. Played Mercedes in "La reina mora" in 1955. Performed in "Los maridos no cenan en casa" in 1957. Performed in "El genio alegre" in 1957. Played herself in "Arte popular I" in 1957. Played herself in "Arte popular II" in 1957. Play ( Full Answer )

How long is the flight from Portugal to Azores?

The time required for flight between the above places is 2.75 hrs. Average speed of 500 miles/hour is used to calculate the time. This time is inclusive of the landing and take off times. However, the time required for the baggage and security checking has not been added. The actual time may change ( Full Answer )