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How do you play trumpet?

first, make your lips like your about to say the letter "m".Place the mouthpiece in your trumpet and on to the center of youmouth. If your to far off this could develop into a bad habit andmake you sound worse. Then buzz with you lips like your imitating afart or a bee into your mouthpiece. if any s ( Full Answer )

What is a trumpet?

A trumpet is an instrument in the brass family. It uses valves, mainly three, to change its pitch.. To produce a tone on a trumpet, the player must "buzz" their lips into the trumpet's mouthpiece, using plenty of air which should be engaged by use of the diaphragm, or upside-down bowl shaped muscle ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if a trumpet is a bass trumpet?

A bass trumpet sounds in the register of a baritone, exactly one octave below that of a normal b-flat trumpet. The bore size (diameter of the tubing) of the bass trumpet is considerably greater than that of a normal b-flat trumpet, and the bell size and slide length will all be similarly increased. ( Full Answer )

Where is the bell on a trumpet?

the bell is exactly what is sounds like...its the bell shaped part at the front of the trumpet where the sound comes out...same for a sax or clarinet or trombone etc...

How long is the trumpet?

It is about 130cm if the brass was fully stretched out. Found this in a musical encyclopedia.

What is a trumpet used for?

A trompet is a musical instrument used in a lot of different kinds of music. Ranging from pop to jazz to classical music, it has found its way to many listeners all over the world.

About the trumpet?

The trumpet is awesome. It is a brass, which means you buzz into the mouthpiece to make noise. The case is small compared to a trombone or saxophone, but large to a clarinet or flute case. The trumpet plays higher notes, and the faster you buzz your lips, the higher you go, giving the trumpet no set ( Full Answer )

How do you get a trumpet mouthpiece unstuck from a trumpet?

This is really simple! First put an ice pack or a napkin of ice on the place where the mouthpiece and receiver connect. Leave it there for a little while. After 5-10 minutes start turning the mouthpiece counter clockwise and it should come out very easily. If this still does not work use a lighter a ( Full Answer )

What are the characterictics of a trumpet?

Color wise: mainly gold or silver (depending on the style, brand, and pitch) Noise range: Noise is controlled but if you have a new trumpet player in the house it's usually loud, obnoxious, and sounds like a dying animal. Difficulty: It all depends on the player and his/her ability

What can be blocking my trumpet?

There could be a number of things in the bell. Clean it with a trumpet cleaning snake and run water through it.

What is a small trumpet?

Depends on how small. Pocket trumpets are basically trumpets with their tubing wrapped much more tightly than normal. Piccolo trumpets actually contain half the tubing of a normal trumpet and are actually much smaller than other trumpets.

What is a trumpet corncerto?

A trumpet concerto is a concerto for solo trumpet and instrumental ensemble, typically an orchestra.

What is a piccolo trumpet?

A piccolo trumpet is a trumpet with half the normal length of tubing. This allows it to produce pitches much higher than a normal trumpet.

Why do trumpets have valves?

Valves are used to change the amount of tubing that air has to travel through in the trumpet, which changes the pitch of the sound coming out.

Is a hawk trumpet a good trumpet?

I have never heard about them, why dont you stick to the common brands? like Bach, Schilke, Yamaha, Benge, B&S or lawler... It sounds like the question is coming from someone that may have to consider the bottom line expense. A new trumpet is a very steep investment if it is a brand as suggested a ( Full Answer )

What trumpets can you get?

bach and Yamaha trumpets are the best to get. plus silver trumpets have better tone quality :) *SP* The best type of trumpet to get is considered to be the Bach Stradivarius. That's what I have, and it is great. =) CS Actually, that is all a matter of opinion. Bach and Yamaha are very good p ( Full Answer )

What is in a Trumpet?

a trumpet is an instrument that is used in orchestra bands and is often used in jazz music. it is a brass instrument with three valves that change the pitch which will produce the notes.

Is a holton trumpet a good trumpet?

Go with Stomvi or Kanstul? They are both very expensive and recognized names in the music industry...However to answer the question; "Is a Holton trumpet a good trumpet? Yes, and fortunately at every level. The T-602 (T is for trumpet), or C-602 (C, cornet) is the beginners model that was made for m ( Full Answer )

Who perfected the trumpet?

the trumpet was not perfected by one person. it was perfected over many years by many inventors

Where can you rent a trumpet?

Most of your local music stores will have some sort of rental program. If you go to school most offer some sort of program to rent it for the school year in band.

What is a trumpet muffler?

I'm assuming you are referring to a mute. There are numerous types of mutes, but some of the most common are straight mutes and cup mutes.

What are the use of trumpet?

the trumpet has many uses. it could be used in war to raise the spirits of the soldiers. it could be used in the morning to wake you up. it could be used for a memorial. or, it could be played for enjoyment.

How do you care for a trumpet?

If this is actually your first time playing Trumpet, these care tips will make it easier. (Even though I'm a Tenor Sax player) -You should always make sure your valves are well-oiled using valve oil. -ALWAYS EMPTY YOUR SPIT VALVE BEFORE PLAYING!!! Or else your trumpet can't hit your targeted h ( Full Answer )

How did the trumpet get famous?

many things contribute to the fame of the trumpet, and the label given to all trumpeters. the trumpet has been around for thousands of years, and it is in many famous books. one of these books is the bible. the trumpet is the most talked about instrument in the bible. also, the buisine trumpet made ( Full Answer )

What is shape of trumpet?

Well, the trumpet has no definite shape but its mainly oval shaped and the bell is more of a triangle. However the case is rectangle. Hope this helps?

What is an antonym for trumpet?

There's not really and antonym for the word trumpet. Antonym means "opposite" and there's nothing that's really an exact opposite of the trumpet. There are things that are different, but different and opposite aren't the same.

Where are the keys on the trumpet?

all open is c, 1 and 3 is d, 1 and 2 is e, 1 is f, all open is g, 1 and 2 is a, middle is b, and it starts over on the c. but if u want the whole scale let me know...i play trumpet and im first chair

How is a trumpet assembled?

The tubes are bent to the correct shape from hard drawn brass, copper, or nickel. The bell is assembled using a single sheet of brass and has it's bow bent and flare rounded. The valves are bored and soldered together as a module, then the whole thing is soldered into a working trumpet. The brass i ( Full Answer )

Is Conn Trumpet a good trumpet?

"I dont think that conn is a good trumpet. You should go for a bach, getzen, dynasty, or anything but king and conn. All i know is that conn is a good trombone brand." My two cents as a trumpet-playing band director: The older Conn and King trumpets and cornets are excellent for beginning student ( Full Answer )

What is a frequency of a trumpet?

The trumpet has a nominal capability of playing 30 different notes (an expert can get more) and each note it plays is of a different frequency. There is no one, single "frequency" of a trumpet.

How do you bathe a trumpet?

It is pretty simple. First you need to detach any detachable piece, such as all the valves and any other removable piece. The easiest method of cleaning your trumpet inside out is by laying it on top of a towel in a bath tub. Fill the tub with warm water with some detergent or cleaning lubricant. D ( Full Answer )

What colors can the trumpet be?

usually, a trumpet is silver, brass, or copper. dont buy the "red" or "black" or any trumpet like that, it messes up the laquer

What to do when your trumpet is not blowing?

Try turning the valve around. Unscrew the silver part by each valve and turn them until the white square is facing you and screw the silver part back on

How do you put trumpet valves in trumpet?

Each of the valves should have a number inscribed on them, a 1 2 or 3. each of them going into their respective valve casing. after putting them in and screwing on the valve cap, twist the top of the valve cap to the right until you cant twist it anymore, if it doesn't go don't force it. this is how ( Full Answer )

What is the compass of a trumpet?

The written range of the modern 3 valved trumpet is from the F# below middle C to the C two octaves above middle C, although good players can get higher and less able players not as high.

Which animal do trumpeting?

One animal that trumpets is the trumpeter swan. The link has of what they sound like.

How do you play an a on a trumpet?

An A can be played by holding down the first and second valves. This is the same fingering as a middle E, so do not get confused between the two. P.S. I am a trumpet player in my school band.

Is a Anaxa trumpet a good trumpet?

They are made in China and are cheap. They are not good quality instruments. I wouldn't waste my money on them if I were you.

What is a Bb for trumpet?

A Bb for trumpet is a C, open, because the trumpet isn't already in concert pitch it needs to be transposed 2 steps up. Like a F for many other instruments would be a G, open, on trumpet. It's actually two half-steps, not two steps.

What pitched is the trumpet?

The most common trumpets are in B flat, if they aren't B flat it will say at the begging of the name for example the"E flat trumpet"

Is the medini trumpet a good trumpet?

I assume you mean Mendini. I wouldn't get this horn. I would go for a used Yamaha, Bach, Getzen, or King. Bundy is good, too.

How do you get mold out of your trumpet?

Its worrying that there is mould in there in the first place! You can pay for it to be chemical cleaned or ultrasonic cleaning an any brass repair merchants.

Can a trumpet be tuned?

Yes, by either pulling out the largest slide or by pushing it in, depending on whether you are sharp or flat.

How do you do an A on the trumpet?

An "A" can be played by pressing both the 1st and 2nd valves down, but be careful because "partials" exist that can allow you to play another note while pressing down the same valve combinations.

Why did they have trumpets?

because the trumpet is so loud they used the trumpet to scare and confuse enemies in wars. trumpets are made from the time of jesus