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What is the predator to an orca whale?

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Nothing eats the orca whale besides, big Great White Sharks and humans
Young Killer Whales are theoretically hunted by large sharks, although this is considered unlikely and has never been witnessed. As adults, it is theorized that Great White Sharks may try to "sneak-attack" stray adult specimens. This, again, is theoretical, as it has never been witnessed, and Killer Whale almost never 'stray' from their family pods. Killer Whales are also far larger then even a very large Great White's normal prey size.

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Which whale is the top predator orca or sperm whale?


What is a major predator in the Antarctic food chain?

killer whale or orca

What is a moose's largest natural predator?

Believe it or not, the largest natural predator of a moose is the killer whale or orca.

Who is the top predator of the ocean great whites or killer whales?

The killer whale (Orca) is the top predator of the ocean.

Does any kind of shark eat an killer whale?

No, the orca (killer whale) is the top predator in the world's oceans.

What is the scientific name for a killer whale or orca?

The scientific name for the orca/Killer whale is Orcinus Orca

Who is the predator of the walrus?

The killer whale, or orca, can eat a walrus although they are more likely to eat seals.

What eats pilot whale?

Natural predators are Orca Whales and large sharks. They do have another predator which are Humans.

What is the scientific name for a Killer whale?

The killer whale, or the orca, is Orcinus orca.

What are the adaptations of an orca whale?

Blubber mostly.adaptations of an orca whale

Is the orca whale endangered?

the orca whale can be endangered but i think it is not endangered

Is the orca a baleen whale or a toothed whale?

The Orca, otherwise known as the killerwhale is a toothed whale.

What is another name for the orca whale?

The orca whale is known as the killer whale, blackfish, or seawolf.

Is a killer whale the same animal as a orca?

Yes. A Killer Whale is the same as an Orca Whale.

Are killer whales the most deadly whales?

The orca is actually not a true whale, but is a member of the dolphin family. Strange, perhaps, but true. Though it isn't actually a whale, the killer whale or orca, is an apex predator. It eats whales, sea lions and seals, but really has few enemies other than man. It is an efficient predator that can learn quickly, and it is smart and adaptable. The orca is one of the most lethal hunters in the seas. For more information, a link is provided to the Wikipedia article on the Orca.

Is orca a killer whale?

Yes, an orca and a killer whale are the same mammal.

Is a orca a shark or whale?

a whale

How to make a orca in alxemy?

its simple its a whale and paint a orca is a black and white whale

What is a name for a orca whale?

Killer whale.

What type of whale is an orca?

Killer Whale

Is a orca whale omnivore carnivore or herbivore?

The orca or killer whale is a carnivore. It is also not a true whale, but a large dolphin species.

What is the name of an orca female?

The name of a female orca or killer whale is a cow. The name of a male killer whale is a bull and the name of a baby killer whale is a calf!

What is the predator of the Antarctica Killer whale?

There isn't an Antarctic subspecies of Orcas. They migrate all around the world. However, when they are in the antarctic, they don't have any predators as no whale can match to the strength of an Orca.

Could you also call an orca an 'orca whale'?

No. Orcas are not a species of whale. In fact an orca is a species of dolphin In a family of oceanic dolphins called delphinidae.The orcas other name killer whale can be misleading as people tend to think that it is a species if whale. The reason we call the orca a killer whale Is because they have been seen hunting whales so people started calling them the killers of whales which over time got shortened down to killer whale.So no you shouldn't call the orca an orca whale as it is not a whale instead just say orca! Hope this helped :)

How tall is a orca whale?

An orca whale can get up to about 57 feet. (That's heightmind you, not length.)