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What is the prefix ir?

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The prefix means 'not'. So, for example, irresponsible means 'not responsible'.

The prefix, however, is actually in-, such as incapable. You change the n depending on the word. Words that begin with l use the prefix il- (e.g. illegal), words that begin with r use the prefix ir- (e.g. irresponsible) and words that begin with m or p use the prefix im- (e.g. immature or implausible). You use the prefix in- in all other cases.

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Which word uses a prefix 'ir'?

The prefix "ir-" is found in irrelevant, irreverent, and irreparable.

What words that have the prefix ir?

Words with the prefix ir - :irregularirreplaceableirresponsibleirreparable

What is the prefix of irrigate?

the prefix for irrigate is

What can be a prefix for regular?

Ir- can be a prefix for regular: irregular.

Which word uses the prefix ir reckless regular real?

The prefix ir- is used to form the word irregular.

Example of prefix ir?

Examples of prefixes ir are irresponsible , irregular ,

What prefix can the experienced have?

prefix is a un dis im in ir mis

What is the meaning of the prefix ir?

not or the opposite of <3

What does the prefix ir mean?

it means notIt means not

What does 'ir-' mean in Latin?

The syllable 'ir-' is a Latin prefix. It carries the meaning of not. It's used instead of the prefix '-in', of the same meaning, when the word begins with the letter 'r'. Examples of 'in-' and 'ir-' in English are 'incoherent', which means 'not coherent'; and 'irrelevant', which means 'not relevant'.

What is the prefix of irreversible?

There's two. "ir" and "re"

What word start with the prefix Ir?

irreducible, irrespective

What if the prefix of regular?

is IR. Right on ! Your word then, is, "Irregular" !

Which word uses the prefix 'ir'?

Irritate Irate Irrational Irrigate Irrevocable Irretrievable Irregular Irresistible

Words with the prefix of - ir?

irregular, irrational, irresponsible

Words that start with prefix ir?

Irradiate Irrational Irresistible

What is the prefix for irreplaceable?

Ir- and re- are the prefixes of irreplaceable.

What word means the opposite of irrational?

Rational is the opposite of irrational. The ir- prefix is a variation of the in- prefix and means "not".

What does ir mean in irreplaceable?

Ir- is an English prefix meaning not. Irreplaceable means something cannot be replaced. Other words using ir- are irrelevant and irregular.

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