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Present - I mean, She means. Future - I will mean, She will mean. Past - Meant.

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mean, will mean

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Q: What is the present and future tenses of the word meant?
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What are the three basic word tenses?

The three basic word tenses are past, present, and future.

What are Different tenses for the word be?

The different tenses for the word "be" are: Present tense: am, is, are Past tense: was, were Future tense: will be

One word that describes past present and future are all these?


What is the grammatical tenses of the word have?

Past tense - had. Present tense - have/has. Future tense - will have.

Different tenses for the word pass?

Imperfect: Passed Present: Pass/ Is passing Future: Will pass

What is the past tense future tense and present tense of nice?

Past tense: was nice Present tense: is nice Future tense: will be nice

What are the tenses of the word legion?

The word "legion" is a noun and does not have tenses like verbs. It remains the same regardless of whether referring to past, present, or future.

What are the other words of verb?

A verb is also known as an action word, and there are past, present, and future tenses.

What are all of the tenses of the word Surveillance?

Surveillance is a noun and so doesn't have any tenses. Only verbs have tenses. *Added by T.Sampson - The person posing the question is likely asking for the past tense of 'surveill', which would be 'surveilled', and present tense which is 'surveilling'....

What are the three present tenses for the word be?

Is, are and am.

Is the word explain present tense?

No, the word "explain" is not present tense. "Explain" is the base form of the verb, and it can be used in various tenses like present ("I explain"), past ("I explained"), or future ("I will explain").

What tense is the word coordinating?

This form of the verb can be used in more tenses: present participle, present continuous, past continuous, past perfect continuous, future perfect continuous, future continuous, present perfect continuous.