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Commander in Chief

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Q: What is the president's official military name?
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What is the presidents official military title?

Commander-in-chief commander in chief of the armed forces.

What does Presidents' Day honor?

Generally, it honors Washington and Lincoln's birthdays. Nationally, "Presidents' Day" is an unofficial holiday commonly honoring Presidents Washington and Lincoln. There actually is no official federal holiday by this name. At the state level, some states do have an official holiday by this name, but depending on the state it may honor Washington and Lincoln, or it may honor all past presidents.

Which US presidents were not a former government official?

Truman - Hatmaker/Businessman Grant, Eisenhower - Military all I know so foar

What is another name for the Nuremberg trial?

The official name was the International Military Tribunal.

What is the name of the military in Ireland?

The official name is Óglaigh na hÉireann.

How many Presidents had no military service at the time of their election?

How many presidents had no military service at the time of their election?

What is the official shoe for presidents to wear?

There is no official presidential shoe.

What was the official name for the Russian military in World War 2?

Red Army

What was a key outcome of presidents Nixon's 1971 state of the union address?

He referred to Communist China by its official name. :D

Which presidents have been in the military?

barack obama

What is the name of the official british cartographic association originally formed as part of the military?

Ordnance Survey.

What do you call vice presidents wife what is her official title.?

the vice presidents wife is called second lady. she is called this because she isn't important. they get this name from the greek term "butt wipieia".