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What is the prevention measures to prevent the industrial pollution?


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Industrial pollution results in great damage to agriculture, industry and human heath. There are pollution prevention programs such as The US Environmental Protection Agency, that is working on the prevention measures to prevent industrial pollution. Other prevention measures include, recycling, green chemistry and green design.


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this act was designed to prevent pollution :) As well as control pollution and encourage conservation.

The measures to be taken include prevention of use of CFc's. they can cause ozone to deplete.

Some measures taken to prevent air pollution are the regulating of businesses that dispel chemicals into the air. Some states also require automobiles to pass an air exhaust test called a smog test. Manufacturers of chemical sprays are also regulated to prevent air pollution.

by afforestation,reduction of vehicular pollution and industrial pollution ,not wasting paper,finding alternative sources of energy which are less polluting

People and scientists have come up with some ways to prevent pollution. Some of these is using filters on cars and factories along with making it illegal to litter.

...prevent the spread of harmful contaminants, particularly by stormwater. This can be done by impletmenting inlet filters, drains, and flood prevention.

The POTA, is the Prevention of Terrorism Act. It was written to set measures in place to prevent and deal with terrorist activities.

One law that was passed to prevent water pollution was the Clean Water Act of 1972. This Act puts regulations on what can not be dumped in the water. There was also a pollution Prevention Act that was passed to help aid in the clean up of water.

To prevent nuclear pollution, there are several things that must be done. Firstly, the place for a radioactive installation is carefully chosen. Secondly, a license must be applied for.

Prevention depends on adequate personal hygiene at the individual level and the following public health measures:

the measures being taken are the Indian government has banned people who throw garbage or wash clothes or bathe in the rivers

The government does not allow factories to be near the lakes, ponds and the other water bodies

we can prevent radiation pollution avoiding nuclear accidents

Central Pollution Control BoardIt serves as a field formation and also provides technical services to the Ministry of Environment and Forests of the provisions of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. Principal functions of the CPCB, as spelt out in the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, and the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, (i) to promote cleanliness of streams and wells in different areas of the States by prevention, control and abatement of water pollution, and (ii) to improve the quality of air and to prevent, control or abate air pollution in the country.

Prevention of water pollution by the shape of that tree was not occured,but this tree has a special quality of observing the bad gases and some bad pollutants for water,as there raw material for there survival.

There can be many things to prevent ozone pollution. Less CFC's and ground pollution can cause ozone pollution reduction.

Reducing the instances of people littering will have a huge effect on the prevention of pollution. If less people throw garbage and recyclables onto the roadways, then fewer animals will be harmed, and people will have more respect for the area in which they live.

There are several methods depending on the different circumstances. Some possible solutions include erosion prevention, stormwater filters, sediment control, etc.

we can prevent air pollution in many ways; we can stop traffic in our city, we can prevent not burning crackers in our roads or buildings

There is nothing that can be done to completely prevent land pollution. You can however educate the public on how to cut back on land pollution.

There is no known prevention for cancer.

to prevent pollution you could ride your bikes, turn off stuff(electrical devices). by shivansh.r

its important to stop prevent air pollution because it could cause death.

Prevention measures lower the probability of a scenario from happening. Mitigation measures lower the severity of the consequence. Wearing a hard hat will not prevent a bolt from falling on your head, but it might minimize the severity of the consequences. Wearing the hard hat is a mitigation measure. Incorporating a process whereby all overhead areas are checked for potential falling objects would be a prevention measure.

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