What is the price for energy drink in Brazil?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the price for energy drink in Brazil?
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What is the famous drink of Brazil?

the famous drink of Brazil is caipirinha and inside of the drink is cacacha

What are some beverages that begin with the letter X?

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:X Berry Bomb (energy drink)X Kosmic Kola (energy drink)X Tropical Typhoon (energy drink)X Twisted Citrus (energy drink)XTZ Chai spice (energy drink)XTZ Kaffe (energy drink)XTZ Tea (energy drink)Alcoholic Beverages: X (alcoholic drink)Xango (alcoholic drink)Xanthia cocktail (alcoholic drink)Xaviera (alcoholic drink)Xeres cocktail (alcoholic drink)XYZ cocktail (alcoholic drink)Xingu Black Beer (beer in Brazil)

What is the price for the rock star energy drink?

About 1 pound 25p (depends where you get it)

Most popular drink in Brazil?

The most popular drink in Brazil is an achohol drink that's called the caipirinha

Is GU Gel really worth the price?

Gu Gel Energy is really not worth the price. While they may be simple and efficient, you can get a performance energy drink similar to it for a much lower price.

Anyone no where I can buy soda and energy drink tabs in bulk for a cheap price I really need the colored energy drink tabs too with the energy drink logo on em Monster Red Bull Rockstar amp etc?


How old can you drink in Brazil?

18 years old is the legal age to buy and drink alcohol in Brazil.

Should the price on energy drinks be raised?

yes because this drink makes all kids hyper

Where can you find lowest price on Nintendo DSi in Brazil?

in hadelek,brazil

Why people drink energy drinks?

to get energy... ''energy drink'' duuh!

What drink is Brazil famous for?

Jim Bean

What could be consider over use of energy drink?

I drink 16oz can of energy drink per day. Would this be an over use of energy drink?