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What is the price of a Bank Deutscher Lander 50 Pfenning J 1949 coin?



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It depends on the coin's condition and mint mark.

In average circulated condition, a J mark such as yours, along with D or F, would retail for about $2 U.S., while a G mint mark would retail for about $3.

Those prices rise to $55 and $95 respectively, if the coin is almost uncirculated.

Before West Germany was fully restored as a nation, coins were issued by a bank run by the individual states (Länder). Later Federal Republic coins were the same size and value, so it was possible to find "Länder" coins in occasional circulation up till the euro was adopted in 2002.

FWIW, "Bank Deutscher Länder" ("Bank of the German States") is pronounced roughly "Bahnk DOYTsher LENder"