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What is the price of a factory replacement barrel?


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2007-04-16 07:50:47
2007-04-16 07:50:47

Barrels for a Remington 870 pump are running $80 and up around here. Depends on what you are looking for.


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The original factory barrel will have the name Winchester and the chambering of the gun stamped into it.The color is another tell, the color on the chamber should match the barrel exactly.Look at the joint between the barrel and the chamber, can you see any bare metal at the end of the barrel?A replacement will have to have had the threaded end of the barrel milled after it was blued to get it to fit right.

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It means 'Winchester Proofed'! Around 1903 or there abouts, all barrels installed by the Winchester factory started were stamped with a 'WP"within an oval on top of the barrel at the breech end just before the receiver, it was added the the top of the receiver where the barrel screws into it around 1905 when all Winchester's were stamped in both places. If a gun smith outside of the factory ordered a new or different caliber barrel from the factory to replace the 'original' one, it would be shipped with only a 'P' stamped onto the barrel instead of the 'WP'. This is a sure sign that the barrel on any Winchester was a replacement, and though a "Winchester" barrel it was not installed by the factory. Additionally, any rifle returned to the factory for barrel replacement AFTER 1905 would have one installed with the 'WP' on it, irregardless if the gun was originally made BEFORE 1903/05. For collectors this is an obvious indicator that the barrel is a replacement IF the serial number indicates it was manufactured BEFORE 1903. Hope this clears things up for you....................Regards, Marty

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498.00 US from the factory, then down in price as they change hands.

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There is a .50 replacement barrel on

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A replacement barrel for a J. Stevens Arms C20-A shotgun can be found at a local gun/firearms store. If the replacement barrel is not available on site, ask if the store can order it for you.

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