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Orange 3g is a network that is used to provide phone and internet in the UK. The SIM card you are going to need will vary with the phone you are using. Orange offers SIM cards with min plans for about $25. This price is for the SIM card used in the iPhone. If you have an iPhone 4 Orange also offers their micro SIM, which is smaller than a standard SIM for the same price

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Will an iPhone work with normal SIM card?

Of course, the iPhone 3G and/or the original iPhone will take any normal sim card; the 3G iPhone will take the 3G sim as well.

Do you need SIM card for PS vita?

You only need a SIM card if you've got a 3G version, and wish to subscribe to a 3G service. You do not need a SIM card at all for the wi-fi version, and if you had a 3G version but did not want a 3G subscription, you do not need a SIM card and it will function exactly like a wi-fi PSVita.

Does ipad1 take SIM card?

iPad ones take a sim card incase you have ordered the iPad one with 3g. The contractor will will send you 3g using the sim card connection. :D

Is there a sim card slot on the wifi PSVita?

No, only the 3G version has a SIM card slot, as it is only needed to access the 3G network.

How to convert tata docomo 3g to 2g sim?

what is the procedure to change the 3g sim to 2g sim card in a smart phone

What is USIM card?

Its a SIM card that is used for 3g network.

Will a unlocked iPhone work on orange?

Yes. Unlocked iPhones do work on the Orange network in Israel. One just needs an appropriate 3G sim card.

How do you convert your Airtel 2G sim to 3G?

You will have to contact Airtel to convert your 2G phone to 3G. The same sim card can be used for both 2G and 3G, so you will not need to change to a new card.

What kind of sim card do you use on sciphone i68?

any sim card except 3g sim cards they will not work properly

How do you convert 3G sim to 2G sim?

If you mean SIM CARD you can't.If you mean Data, like disabling 3g data, it is probably on the settings menu on your phone

Does the i9 cell phone work with 3g sim card?

The i9 I bought does not support att 3g sim card. It would have been nice to know this before buying. They advertise that the phone works with any carriers, yeah right as long as you have an old sim card for att.the i9 phone does not support 3g serivce, meaning the web moves at a slower speed, but that doesn't mean you need an old sim card. i have a new at&t sim card that is 3g, & it works fine in this phone.

Sim card slot is available in htc thunderbolt?

The slot is for the 4GLTE sim card...the phone is still CDMA on 3G.

Do you need a SIM card for your iPad in Tunisia?

If you have a 3G iPad, you will need a SIM card in every country. Wi-Fi only iPads don't have a sim card slot.

Do 2g sim cards work in 3g phones?

Yes. But in order to camp on the 3G network, your sim card needs to be provisioned at the core network.

Can 2G Sim be used in 3G network?

2G sims can be used in 3G phones . But you get only 2G internet speeds . To access 3G network you need a 3G sim card and a phone which supports 3G simcards (probably smartphones)

Do iPhones need 3g sims?

iPhones need a SIM card to work as a phone. If you don't have a SIM card you can use it as an iTouch.

Why do PlayStation Vita's require a Sim Card?

They do not all require it. Wi-Fi only PSVitas do not need a SIM card, indeed, there's no slot for one. 3G ones need a SIM card if you're going to be using the 3G network, as it's a mobile internet service and the SIM card is how your mobile internet identity is stored.

Can you use different network 3G sim in vodafone 3G?

No we can't use different network 3G sim in Vodafone 3G sim.

Do iPhones have a SIM card slot?

all iphones have a sim slot but on the original iphone the customer cannot easily access it whereas the 3G iphone has the sim card and a sim card ejector tool How can I access my verizon iphone 4 sim card slot that doesn't have a sim tray

What is the difference between 2g and 3g sim cards?

A regular SIM card comes with 32KB of onSIM memory which was sufficient to manipulate data on 2G network. but a 3G SIM card has 128KB of onSIM memory which is beneficial to handle high speed dat access just like more cache memory helps in faster processing. Otherwise there is no other difference between a 2G and a 3G SIM card.

Can you use 3G data card through 3G sim card?

You can access 3G data if you are in an area where there is a tower that supports 3G. All about the coverage. you can call and ask your cell phone provider if you get 3G coverage. Often it will even be displayed on your phone as 3G or HSPA.

How much does a sim card cost for a iPhone 3g?

About 36 dollars with the one-time activation fee. The sim card is free with the plan and phone

Does iPad connect to internet with 3g?

If you have the Cellular model and have inserted a sim-card, then yes you will (assuming you have 3G where you are) connect to the internet.

Does iPad have a microsim?

I have an ipad 3g and it has a Sim card, i don't know if it is a micro sim, it looks just like the Sim cardd in an iphone. There are two kinds of ipad and the ipad 3g does have one and the ipad wifi does not.

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