What is the priest answer about ophelia having a better funeral service?

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He didn't agree with her having a Christian service, because of the fact that she killed herself, but no one really knows for sure if she did.

How much do you pay the priest performing a Catholic funeral service?

A priest does not receive payment for administering a service orsacrament; salvation is not only for the rich. It is recommended,however, that a donation called a "stipend" be

What colours does the priest wear for a funeral Mass?

Traditionally, a priest wore black vestments for a funeral, reminding all that death was a reality for us all and that we must pray for the deceased. In the modern Church,

How do you give condolences at a funeral service?

Speak with him/her right from your heart. Death is something which joins the entire human family. No one escapes this one, fortunately - it gives us all a kind of common denom

What is a funeral service?

A funeral service is a service held after someone has died in honor of them.

Why does the priest were a white vestment at a funeral?

He wears white to symbolise the victory over death. That by Jesus dying on the cross for us and then rising on the third day, he conquered death for all those who die in Him.

Laertes thinks that ophelia should have a better funeral service?

Indeed! Ophelia is being given a shortened funeral service out of suspicion that she killed herself. Someone who kills herself died in a state of sin, since suicide is a sin a

Why where there 9 priests in Beethoven's funeral?

I am not sure if Priests ( Catholic) or Ministers ( Protestant) were involved, not knowing Beethoven"s religious background. The musician was known to have composed Nine symph

What is the order of service in a Catholic funeral?

Apart from the mortuary context- it is essentially a Mass like any other and has the normal Introit, entry hymn, prayers, epistle, Gospel, sermon and Communion and the various
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What is the the smoke that priest shake at the casket at funerals?

The canister hanging from a chain is referred to as either a thurible or censer. Inside is a mixture of charcoal and Resins, such as Frankincense, Amber, and Myrrh. There can
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What is the smoke the priest shakes at a funeral service?

The 'smoke' that comes from the priest's 'thurible' or 'censer' is a mixture of self-igniting charcoal and incense - mostly frankincense and myrrh. Incense is symbolic as a si
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Can Catholic priests conduct funerals?

Yes, as death and burial have deep theological significance for Christians, there are three ritual moments in the liturgy: the vigil, the funeral liturgy proper, and the rite
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Why does the priest read from the bible at funerals?

Funerals are official ceremonies of the Church. Readings from the bible are made at all Church ceremonies. The purpose of these readings can be twofold: 1. to give solace to