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What is the main trunk of the respiratory system?

The trachea is the main trunk of the respiratory system. It is the central passageway from which the respiratory tree branches.

Passageway for air from the environment into the respiratory system?


What is the first passageway of the respiratory system is?

The Nose/mouth

Describe the path followed by air as it moves through the respiratory system?

First it enters through the nose. And then the Pharynx. And then the Larynx. And then the Trachea. And then the Bronchi. And finally the lungs. Your nose is the primary passageway into and out of the respiratory system

What is the job of the windpipe in the respiratory system?

enables air to get to the lungs a passageway.

Which primary bronchi more commonly traps a foreign object that has entered the respiratory passageway?

The right

What portion of the upper respiratory system serves only as an air passageway?


Is air passageway of the circulatory system?

No, the circulatory system is the system of blood passageways. Passageways that have to do with breathing are parts of the respiratory system.

What is the difference between respiratory system of mammal and fish?

respiratory system of mammals-primary organ is a pair of lungsrespiratory system of fishes-primary organ is gills

What is the organ of an animal's respiratory system?

The primary organ of the respiratory system is the lung.

The first passageway of the respiratory portion of the respiratory tract is what?

respiratory bronchiole

What are the main organs of the respiratory system?

The lungs are the main organs of the respiratory system.

Passageway common to the digestive and respiratory system?

The pharynx, because it carries both air AND food.

Smallest respiratory passageway?


What is the smallest respiratory passageway?


What wastes are eliminated by the respiratory system?

Carbon dioxide is the primary waste eliminated by the respiratory system.

Does The ENT system shares some structures with the gastrointestinal system and the respiratory system?

Yes it does, and in doing so, it serves as a passageway for both food and air

What respiratory organ can function as a passageway for food?

The pharynx serves as a passageway for both food and air.

What is the primary function of a respiratory system?

Gas exchange

What is the respiratory system of a squid primary purpose?

breathing. -.-

What is the function of the pharnyx in the respiratory system?

It is the passageway for food and water. It ensures that food or drink goes down the right "pipe"

What is the purpose of the respiratory system and the immune system?

The primary function of the respiratory system is to absorb oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. The primary function of the immune system is to prevent foreign organisms from invading the body and causing damage.

What are the primary musclesin the respiratory system?

Abdomine (Stomach Muscles)

What is the primary gas exchange site in the respiratory system?


What is the primary passageway for the nose?