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If it was truly self-defense, there may not be any sentence. If it was clearly self-defense, there may not even be charges brought.

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Q: What is the prison sentence for killing someone in self defense in Los Angeles?
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What sentence would you get for killing someone?

Depends where you were sentenced

Why was johnny justified in killing bob?

Killing someone is not justified unless it is in self-defense or defense of others in imminent danger. If Johnny killed Bob without valid cause, it would not be considered justified.

What is punishable by death sentence?

The one who commits intentional killing of someone is punished by death sentence.

What is punishable by death?

The one who commits intentional killing of someone is punished by death sentence.

How do you use scruples in a sentence?

A spy can't have any scruples about killing someone to prevent detection.

Can you put the word misdemeanor in a sentence?

Attempting burglary is more of a misdemeanor than killing someone.

What is the penalty for killing someone?

you will go to prison for a very long time... possibly getting the life sentence.

How do you use defense in a sentence?

He got defensive when his wife accused him of breaking the glass. Another good sentence would be, the boy would get defensive when someone talked bad about his sister.

Does the Torah allow killing?

No, the Torah forbids murder. Although murder is a form of killing, not all killing is a form of murder. The Torah actually specifies that if someone attempts to kill you without reason (murder), you are required to kill them in self-defense if there's no other way to stop them.

What is considered murder?

a violent crime _________________ Killing Someone

What is a reason you will not go to jail for killing someone?

One possible reason is if the act of killing someone was done in self-defense, where there was an immediate and imminent threat to your own life. In such cases, you may be able to argue that your actions were necessary to protect yourself and therefore justify your actions. However, it ultimately depends on the specific circumstances and the legal system in place.

What are common legal defenses in court for killing someone other than insanity or self-defense?

The most common is self defense. Other defenses may be mistaken identity, that the homicide was involuntary, committed under duress or necessity or to prevent a crime.