What is the prize of shoes with mp3players?

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Is there games on mp3players?

No there is not games on mp3 players but there are on mp4players because mp3 players are for listening to music.

How do you transfer MP3 files that are stored on a CD to an MP3 player?

How do you you get purple sparkle shoes Webkinz?

you have to get invited to a party and play one of their games and you might get that prize if you win

Do ematic mp3players work with iTunes?

Im actually not so sure! I think that it does if you have all of the peices to it. I'm trying to figure the same thing out!

What is the packers prize?

the packers prize is a prize in the archibald prize

What is Light Emitting Diode used for?

leds are used for a lot of different products,mp3players,lamps,night lights TVs computers, etc.leds are used to create light or power.

What is the value of Judy Garland's Dorothy costume in The Wizard of Oz?

Just the shoes brought $600,000 (plus an additional $66,000 commission) in a turn-of-the-century auction at Christie's in New York. There are several known pairs of the shoes, by the way. What about the rest of the costume? A collectible of value, to be sure, but the ruby slippers (which were "silver shoes" in the book) are doubtless the prize of the wardrobe.

President throdore roosevelt won a Nobel Peace Prize that ended what war?

the goonz dont no catch me in oviedo an ill tell un on okay tie ya shoes

What prizes are in the Archibald prize?

The prize you get in the Archibald prize is $50,000. WOW

What is the exact noun for prize?

Prize can be a noun or a verb "Trophy"?, they are given as a prize.

What are the chances of winning a prize on prize wheel?

The answer depends on the layout of the prize wheel.

How much is Guinness prize?

there is no prize

Is there a prize for the nobel prize?


Is it illegal to announce a prize winner and not give prize?

how to announce a prize winner in mail

Where are prize codes found in epic duel?

a prize code is prize there you know it bye.

What awards did Eleanor Roosevelt win?

Her accomplishment was Peace Prize , controversial peace prize.Her accomplishment was Peace Prize , controversail peace prize.

What happens when you get your prize-rebel prize?

if you typed in your real address prize rebel will send you a prize with the points you collected via amazon.

First prize of prize bond of rs 7500?

1st prize and second prize bond of rs 7500 on 1-11-2012

Which Award of mathematics is equal to Nobel Prize?

Abel Prize is equal to nobel prize and it is an international prize presented annually by the King of Norway,It has often been described as the mathematician's Nobel prize

How do you make the winged shoes on webkinz?

you don't make them? who told you that you make them? because they are a level ten prize at the kinzville academy, check the manual on mrs. cowolines desk for more information on how to earn them

What part of speech is prize?

Prize is a noun.

What are Phrases with the word prize in them?

eyes on the prize

How do you spell prize?

Prize is the correct spelling.

What was the prize JFK won?

the pulitzer prize

Who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the Nobel Peace Prize?

It was Linus Pauling. He won the Chemistry Prize in 1954 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962.