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A vasectomy is simply the cutting and tying back of the vasa deferentia. The procedure has a failure rate of around 0.1% to 0.2% for the first year. Assuming he and the partner are otherwise normal and do not use any contraception, there is an 85% probability of pregnancy during the same time. So there is roughly a 0.15% chance of pregnancy occurring (in the first year after vasectomy).

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Q: What is the probability of a man who had a vasectomy fathering a child?
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After having Vasectomy can a woman get pregnant?

When the man has had a proper vasectomy it is impossible for him to father a child.

What's the procedure for a man not to reproduce?

The options for a man who wants to avoid fathering a child are abstinence from vaginal sex, using codoms, withdrawal or coitus interruptus, and vasectomy. Abstinence is the most effective, followed by vasectomy, condoms, and withdrawal. In addition, a couple may use methods under the control of the female.

Will a gay man father a gay child?

There is the same chance of gay man fathering a gay child as there is a straight man fathering a gay child: about 3% to 8% chance.Homosexuality is the way you are born, it cannot be influenced by other homosexual people, as e.g. family or friends.

How can a gay person be a father?

the same way a straight man can be a father, by either fathering a child biologically, or adopting.

Can a man who had a vasectomy have natural children?

You should not be able to get pregnant by a man who has had a vasectomy.

What is the probability of a man who has BB genotype and his wife who has BO genotype to have a child who is AB?

No probability. Neither parent has an "A" for the child to inherit to make an "AB".

How can a woman to get pregnant when a man has a vasectomy?

By having sex with another man, or multiple men, that have not had a vasectomy.

Can you get hiv from a man whom has had a vasectomy?

You can get HIV from a man who had a vasectomy. Vasectomy only eliminates the sperm portion of semen. HIV is still present in the seminal fluid.

Is it risky if men is 35 age trying for pregnancy?

It is not risky, it is impossible. Men do not become pregnant. A man of that age is perfectly capable of fathering a child.

Is it better to have a vasectomy on get your tubes tied?

Women have their tubes tied which takes a bit more effort then for men to have a vasectomy, either way the end result is that no child results if either the woman or the man has this done to them.

You are an o negative man what is the likelihood thst you can father a child?

Being Rh negative has NOTHING to do with fathering a child. Other factors such as sperm count or fecundity of the woman would one of the determining factors.

Can a man impregnate a woman even though he had a vasectomy?

Only if the vasectomy didn't work.

How does a woman have a baby by a man who has a vasectomy?

If the man is willing to he can have his vasectomy reversed. If not it looks like you will need to find a new man or donor sperm from a sperm bank.

At the Houston Vasectomy Clinic what is the average cost of a vasectomy?

A Vasectomy procedure will cost about $1,300 to any man not wanting to have children any longer if the procedure is done by the Houston Vasectomy Clinic.

How soon after a vasectomy could you get pregnant?

A vasectomy is a operation to make the man sterile. You cannot get pregnant after that.

What does the word vasectomy mean?

Vasectomy is a surgery to prevent a man from being able to get a woman pregnant.

Could you be pregnant your husband has a vasectomy?

There is approximately one chance in 50,000 that a man who has had a vasectomy can have sperm in his semen.

What are the odds of pregnancy if the man has a vasectomy?


What surgery makes a man infertile?


Can a man who has has a vasectomy have wet dreams?


Can males with Down syndrome father children?

No, they usually cannot. Down syndrome usually causes the male to be infertile. Though there have been some cases of a man with DS fathering a child.

What is the probability that their first child of a man and woman with type AB blood will have type O blood?


What can go wrong if a woman gets pregnant when a man has a vasectomy?

The chief thing that goes wrong is that the man is a little upset, as a vasectomy means he can't be the father.

Can a man with a vasectomy impregnate a woman?

Only if it didn't work. The whole purpose of a vasectomy is to not be able to impregnate someone.

Whats the chance of getting pregnant by the man with a vasectomy if you slept with a man who can definitely get you pregnant and then like a week later sleeping with someone who had a vasectomy?

you might get pregnant from sleeping with the man that could get you preggo.