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i have a 1999 Chevy Suburban 1500ls and the check gages light comes on intermitten. my truck runs well. however, yesterday i took about 100mi and now its making a slight ticking noise that i never heard before.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-15 09:58:16
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Q: What is the problem on a 1995 Grand Voyager when the check gauges light comes on all the gauges die and come back on then the wipers come on with the left turn signal?
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Why would the windshield wipers come on 1997 voyager when turning a corner?

Problem with multifunction switch in steering column

1998 Dodge Caravan The windshield wipers Head lights Tail lights and Gauges don't work Can someone help me with this problem?

It is possible it is the body control module, I had the same problem except my brake lights worked.

Why doesn't the wipers and right front turn signal work on my 2000 Ford Windstar LX?

Check the fuse for the wipers and replace the turn signal bulb.

What is the problem with the wipers on a 1992 Le Saber if changing the turn signal assembly and the wiper motor didn't help?

check the wiper relay. check the fuses.

On a 1987 Plymouth Voyager why would the windshield wipers not work?

If your windshield wipers are not working, you should check your owners manual. It could be a fuse or another easy fix.

What is the problem with a 2002 passat when the hand brake signal comes on when the hand brake is not engaged and the turn signals windshield wipers and ac do not function while the signal is beeping?

check back pads and also check break fluid.

What does the body control module control on a 2000 Chrysler grand voyager?

Wipers, door locks, lights, alarm if equippedWipers, door locks, lights, alarm if equipped

99 Ford Taurus windshield wipers will come on by themselves whats wrong?

My wipers come on when the turn signal is used - Ford recommends replacing a revised mulifunction switch (turn signal switch)

Why won't 99 Breeze start when battery is good and all lights work but radio and wipers will not work either?

Check fuse #8. Its the ignition fuse. If this is the problem, your gauges won't work either when you turn the key on.

Why do your wipers come on when you turn the steering wheel on your 97 Chrysler Town and Country?

Contact your local dealership.. This has happened on numerous Caravans/Voyager & T&Cs that I've owned & they have recalled some models with this problem

Why does my Windshield washer and first notch on wipers do not work the last two notches on my wipers work.?

Bad turn signal switch probably.

1997 Plymouth grand voyager low windshield wipes?

my low windshield wipers don,t work? can you help me?

What does the body control module control on a 2000 Chrysler town and country?

Lights, locks, parts of the AC system, gauges, alarm, wipers, ...........

How do you fix the windshield wipers on a 1993 Plymouth voyager when it refuses to go up and down?

there was a factory recall on one of the wiper motors.

What size and where do you replace the fuse for the windshield wipers in a 1993 Plymouth voyager?

Look for a breaker in power distribution box under hood

How do you fix the wipers on your 93 lumina from going off of the window?

Most likely the wipers themselves cannot be fixed, because it's probably not the problem, usually the transmission that controls them would be the problem.

Where is the multifunction switch 1989 Plymouth Acclaim?

It is the turn signal switch combined with the head lights, wipers, etc.

Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1986 Z-28?

the turn signal is located on the left side of the steering wheel.where your windshield wipers it down or up.

Has anyone had a problem with their wipers not turning offon a 98 civic?

Have you checked the fuse?

Wipers stop working in Renault scenic?

A problem we found was that the nut holding the wiper in place had come lose all we had to do was tighten the nut and the wipers worked

Why wont your windshield wipers work on your 99 voyager if the switch is good and when you manually trip the relay the motor works fine?

Bad ground? Bad relay?

2006 CTS Cadillac windshield wipers won't turn off?

I got the same problem did you ever find the problem

Can a faulty sensor affect the lights ac wipers and turn signal?

no most likely not. It could be a faulty ground wire

Why want front wipers work and fuses are good washer works also on 2002 GMC Envoy?

Check with your dealership - there was a recall issued regarding the windshield wipers. They could get water in wiper motor when it rained or when the car was washed and cause the wipers not to function properly. I had an 02 with the same problem. The problem stopped after recall was fixed.

What if your rear defroster and rear wipers no longer work in your 97 4runner could this be a fuse problem?

Had the same problem. Make sure the rear window is all the way up. This is probably a safety feature? Your wipers and rear defroster should work.