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What is the problem when a truck starts some times and not others?

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Might be you starter or starter rely and/or coil.

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Can You Reset computer on Mazda b2200?

How do you reset computer on 1989 Mazda B2200 PU truck? We seem to be having a key turn loop on computer and after so many starts the truck starts stalling out. Have cleaned computer 2 times now and problem seemed to go away but after similar time period usually a week the problem started again.

What would cause truck not to heat up at idle and then I get in truck and drive around yard a few times it starts to heat up and then after I start driving it a few miles it starts blowing cold air?

sounds like it could be the thermostat ================= The problem is probably in your cooling system. First, check your radiator and see if you have enough coolant. If that's not the problem, check for blockages. How old are your hoses? They may need to be replaced.

What is another word for truck that starts with a c?

Car is another word for truck that starts with a "c".

When hot truck bogs down upon acceleration and then stalls THEN STARTS WHEN COOL?

Your hot dog truck may be shutting down because it is overheating. This is usually an indicator that there is a problem with your radiator.

You replaced the battery in truck starts but wont stay running?

sounds like a fuel problem change the fuel filter first

What truck starts with the letter i?


Why is there a crakling sound when car starts?

you seem to have a loose connection, probably with the starter my truck did the same thing and i tightened the starter wires and it fixed my problem immediatley

A truck that starts with the letter j?


What type of truck starts with t?


Dodge truck and recently when you get to about 40 to 45 mph it starts to buck not shake then when you reach 55 it goes away sometimes.?

Could be a problem with the lockup converter (overdrive).

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Ext Cab when it rains out your truck starts sputtering and you have no power- What is the problem?

Probably water getting in the distributor cap.

When does Chevy truck month happen?

Chevy Truck Month starts 9.23 and goes to 10.31

You are having a problem with your truck the transmission is not working right in the truck what do you do?

Get it diagnosed and repaired.

What is a word that starts with f and rhymes with truck?


2001 Chevy tracker drive it about 50 miles letting it idle the truck can't get gas and dies out shut it off for a few then it starts?

had the same problem,it was the camshaft positioning sensor,one was put in and haven't had any problem since

What to do when you are sharing a lane with a large truck?

leave space in case the truck drifts back slightly when it starts to move if you are stopped behind a truck on an upgrade.

Truck wont stay running just changed headgaskets whats wrong?

The timing on your truck is probley off mine had the similar problem. If you don't have i timing light, you can always do it by ear. Just turn it clockwise till your engine starts up if it starts up your close, if it stays running turn it little buy little till it purrs..

Truck takes two times to start what can it be?

I have a 2001 Sierra 2500 and it turned out i had an air line (vacuum line i think) that popped off of the connection at the top of the fuel tank. I pushed it back on, truck starts first crank everytime

What is 5 letter word that starts with t?

TRUCK Tiger, tigon.Tower.Toner.Titan.

When do you change brake pads on a truck?

When the whare sensor starts to squeek

What will make your truck not go in reverse?

a transmission problem

Is it bad to drive your truck if you have a camshaft problem?


Frieghtliner truck with cummins engine after running and stop the truck will not trun overbut when set over night it will trun over what the problem?

sounds like a voltage problem batteries or starter motor or earth problem

97 Chevy 1500 at highway speed if you hit a bump the truck starts to bounce will stop if you slow down?

Your main problem is likely a wheel that is out of balance. A secondary problem is worn out shocks. Have the front wheels professionally balanced and see if the problem goes away. If not completely gone, replace your front shocks.

Why does loaded truck start more slowly than an empty truck?

becoz loaded truck has got more weight than the empty becoz of which loaded truck has got more friction in tyres compared to empty truck...this may the reason why loaded truck starts slow than the empty truck