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Automotive paint is made up of many different colored "toners" which are essentially pure colors of paint made up of pigment, solvent and resin. These colors are mixed together to reproduce any other color. Auto paint manufacturers generate formulas which instruct the person mixing the paint of how much of each toner to add in order to reproduce the desired color. After the color is mixed in the case of basecoat it is simply reduced (thinned) with solvent. In the case of single stage paints and clear coats that color (or clear) is not only mixed with reducer but also a catalyst (hardener) to cause an interlocking process known as a chemical drying process which makes this paint resistant to other solvents and contaminants, this keeps the auto paint from ever wiping off when re-wetted with a solvent.

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How do you mix automotive paint?

it is best to consult with the automotive paint dealer, supplyer for the correct mixing procedures, there are over 15,570 auto paint products on the market

Auto Paint Can Rejuvenate The Appearance Of A Vehicle?

Auto paint is the most important visual feature of an automobile. The paint can give the car a fresh look and is typically the first thing someone notices about a car. Although cars typically come in a limited number of colors from the manufacturer, there are a wide variety of colors that are available when purchasing auto paint. Additionally, auto paint comes from a variety of manufacturers all claiming that their paint is superior to the other manufacturers.The need for auto paint will vary amongst different people. Some may simply want to paint their car to obtain the color they desire that was not available as a stock option. Others may want to give an older car a new finish with a shiny new coat of auto paint. Others still may need auto paint to restore a car to its original appearance after an accident or other damage. No matter what the reason, quality auto paint can rejuvenate a car's appearance.Not all auto paint is created equal. As mentioned earlier, there are different manufacturers who boast to be the best and that very well could be true. Auto paint for the most part is made by mixing certain chemicals with colored dyes to obtain the desired color and finish. Each manufacturer will work out their own formula for auto paint that works and in some cases can improve the overall quality of the auto paint.Auto paint is necessary for a variety of reasons, whether to give a fresh appearance after age or damage, or to simply change the color to a more desirable color. Auto paint not only comes in a variety of colors and finishes, it also comes in different qualities. Auto paint manufacturers produce their own formula for auto paint that can set them apart from other manufacturers. Auto paint can be found in most paint stores, auto parts stores, or directly from the manufacturer.

How to understand auto paint mixing ratios?

A mixing ratio given as 4:2:1 normally means 4 parts of base product, 2 parts thinner/reducer, and 1 part hardener.However, some paint manufactures add hardener second, and thinner/reducer last.

Do you have prime a pewter bed frame to paint it with a spray paint gloss?

I would, if it's worth painting, it's worth doing properly. -Paint it with an auto spray primer, easy, and gives your finish a good base.

Where can I find auto paint online?

Auto paint can be found on the Menards, Home Depot and Hobo websites. There are other website that has auto paint such as Walmart, Sears, Auto Zone and Pep Boys.

Auto Paint?

form_title= Auto Paint form_header= Paint your car a new color. What color paint do you need?*= _ [50] Do you want to add any embellishments?*= () Yes () No When do you need the paint to be finished?*= _ [50]

What is the mixing ratio for auto paint?

Depends on what kinda paint some are 1:1 or 2:1 or 3:1:1 most basecoats usually 1:1 one part paint one part reducer I guess depends on what brand an if its basecoat clearcoat or acrylic enamel

What companies offer auto paint jobs?

Auto paint jobs can be handled by auto dealerships and many auto repair shops. There are also stores such as Maaco that specialize in painting autos.

Why use reducer for auto paint?

Thin out the paint for color match

Is auto paint safe on fingernails?


How do you mix auto paint?

with a stick

How do you paint bare fiberglass?

first it has to sanded down until it is smooth then you apply a primer - costs about $10 for a can then after is has properly dried you apply paint.... about the same price finally when the paint is dried you apply laquer all of the above come in spray cans from most auto parts places.

Where can you buy spruce mica paint for your car?

your local auto paint store

How do you paint door panels?

buy auto interior paint from auto parts store. clean panels 1st with grease removing cleaner,then dry. paint at close to 70 degrees

Where can you buy paint for a l993 Buick lasabre?

Any auto body shop should be able to get you the proper paint code match for your auto.

How much hardner do you put in auto paint?

Different paints require different amounts of hardener. If there is a label on the paint it should have the ratio on that. One part hardener to the about of paint you use will usually be enough. You can't store the paint after the hardener is in it, it will set up in the can. ----- In actuality a 1:1 mixing ratio of paint to hardener (catalyst) will usually result in brittle massively overcatalyzed paint that will flake and/or chip easily. However as previous stated different paints require different amounts of hardener, alway request a Product Data Sheet (PDS) or Technical Data Sheet (TDS) from the paint manufacturer or retrieve one from their website before mixing.

Auto Paint Colors?

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Can I fix my car's scratch myself with auto touch up paint?

There are many online shops that provide auto touch up paint services. is one of online shop that provides auto touch up paint services for any kind of auto cars. You can visit

What is best auto paint to use?


Looking for an auto paint shop quote?

My car is pretty banged up as it is 15 years old. Where can I get a decent auto paint shop estimate?

To open an auto paint shop, what materials are needed?

I would like to open up my own auto paint shop. What are some materials I must have?

What is the number one auto body paint shop in America?

There are many different varieties of auto body paint shops in America, and there a large number of good ones. The number one auto body paint shop, if one was to choose one, is Maaco.

What kind paint used for golf car?

Most likely auto enamel paint.

Where can I buy auto touch up paint?

There is a store that sells all things for cars call Auto Zone. There you would be able to find touch up paint. You can also get paint from any car dealership.

Where can I find auto paint shops?

Auto paint shops are located in several cities across America. They are also referred to as auto detailing shops, or body shops. This service usually costs around $300.