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What is the procedure for properly mixing auto paint?

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2008-05-30 03:46:58

Automotive paint is made up of many different colored "toners"

which are essentially pure colors of paint made up of pigment,

solvent and resin. These colors are mixed together to reproduce any

other color. Auto paint manufacturers generate formulas which

instruct the person mixing the paint of how much of each toner to

add in order to reproduce the desired color. After the color is

mixed in the case of basecoat it is simply reduced (thinned) with

solvent. In the case of single stage paints and clear coats that

color (or clear) is not only mixed with reducer but also a catalyst

(hardener) to cause an interlocking process known as a chemical

drying process which makes this paint resistant to other solvents

and contaminants, this keeps the auto paint from ever wiping off

when re-wetted with a solvent.

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