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Drive to an exhaust shop

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Q: What is the procedure for replacing the catalytic converter on a 84 Bronco with a 302 engine?
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Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1988 ford bronco ii?

in the exhaust manifold right before the catalytic converter

Where is the Oxygen sensor on 1989 Ford Bronco 2?

Should be right before the catalytic converter. Mine is a 1988 and that's where it's at.

Where is the O2 sensor located on a 94 ford bronco?

I am pretty sure there are 2 of them. They are on the exhaust near the engine and on the catalytic converter. Look for a single wire.

Where can you get wire diagram for oxygen sensor on a 1988 Bronco ll?

Chiltons auto manuals have good diagrams, your oxygen sensor is on your exhaust in front of the catalytic converter.

Can you eliminate one of your ford bronco catalytic converters?

Not legally

Where is the bank 1 oxygen sensor 2 located on a 1996 Ford Bronco 5.8?

Bank 1 would be the passenger side of the engine on your Ford Sensor 2 would be in the exhaust after the catalytic converter ( downstream )

How do I fix an engine light code 133 on a 1996 Ford Bronco 351 engine?

To fix an engine light code of 133 on a 1996 Ford Bronco with a 351 engine, the oxygen sensors need to be replaced. There are two oxygen sensors on this vehicle. One is on the driver's side and the other is on the passenger side of the exhaust or catalytic converter.

Why wont Ford bronco transmission will not engage?

Be careful on this. I did it to myself . I install my transmission back on my 89 bronco and found out I didn't lock in the converter right and damage it. Cost me an extra $700 to repair the pump and new converter had the same systems as you.

Why does the exhaust from my bronco smell bad it does not smoke or smell like a rotten egg?

The catalytic converter. They all smell, really strong may sujgest that it is going bad and needs to be replaced. Converters change the carbon monoxide to sulfur dioxide the rotton egg is the sulfur.

Why does the 96 bronco 5.8 liter have 2 catalytic converters and can I replace it with one high flow and still pass emissions?

We have a 1993 Ford Bronco with 2 catalytic converters. Had one of the 2 replaced over a year and a half ago when we failed emissions. We passed with flying colors. So I say, it can be done.

Why does the 1987 bronco jump and then die when you give it gas or put in reverse or drive?

tork converter lock is engaged.

How to Replacing bulbs in dash ford bronco?

How_do_you_change_the_dash_bulbs_on_a_1995_Ford_Broncohear how it is done in a 92-96

Where and how many o2 oxygen sensors on a 1995 ford bronco 351?

there is usually three in the exhaust one at each exhaust manifold and if your bronco happens to be early obd2 then theres one behind the catylytic converter

How to Replace widow motor 1992 ford bronco?

You need to look on the Bronco Forums for this. I use: Here is a link I found on that site for replacing your window motor. It's a great write-up. It may be for a different year, but should be basically the same. You may only have to rebuild the motor instead of replacing it. I did all 3 of my 1990 Bronco window motors and it cost a fraction of replacing all the motors.

Your ford bronco 2 run excellent when cold at oerating temp it will want to chug and stall?

have your transmission and torque converter checked

How much transmission fluid does a 1986 Ford Bronco II take What if it is totally dry?

10.5 Quarts if the torque converter is dry also.

1992 ford bronco custom full size your oil pressure is very low at idle the engine sometimes stutters and the check engine light comes on for a few seconds if you go over 50mph then goes off.?

When your cars is idle the oil pressure should drop, when you accelerate it should rise. The car stutter sounds like a catalytic converter goin out

How do you install a new Clutch for Ford Bronco II?

You have to take the transmission completely off of the vehicle.Also when replacing clutch you have to replace the slave cylinder.Mace

How do you read diagnostic code from 1988 Ford Explorer?

There is no 1988 Ford Explorer. The vehicle went into production in 1990 for the 1991 model year, replacing the two door Bronco II;. As for the Bronco II, there isn't an OBD port.

What if you use dexron VI in a 1989 ford bronco?

Then you have made a big mistake and used the wrong fluid. Drain it all out including what is in the torque converter and put the correct fluid in.

Is a bronco 1 or 2 bigger?

There is the FULL SIZE BRONCO and then the Bronco II ( the Bronco II is smaller , eventually replaced by the Ford Explorer)

When replacing the wires on a ford 1988 bronco II how does it look when connecting wires where does the first one go or start the wires where not connected when bought?

1984 fuel pump on a bronco 2?

Just finished replacing fuel pump on my bronco 2 . Mine was a mechanical pump located on engine block behind and below power steering pump. Pain to get off without flex rachet extention or socket swival. Mine had NO fuel pump on it.

Why would your 84 ford bronco 4 speed not want to accelerate once going could it be your fuel filter?

have you looked at your exaust system being pluged maybe your cataletic converter is pluged

Is a bronco ii frame the same as a 72 bronco?

No , the 1972 Ford Bronco is a full size vehicle