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What is the process for oxidation?

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Chemical process by which oxygen which combines with other substances to form oxidation.Also how rust can,well rust your blood cells,so take your vitamins,and VITAMIN E

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Can oxidation stop the rotting process?

Actually, oxidation is a part of the rotting process.

Why photosynthesis is called oxidation reduction process?

Why photosynthesis is called oxidation reduction process?

Is a oxidation a physical property?

No, oxidation is a chemical process.

How does lemon juice preserve foods?

The acidity slows down the process of oxidation The acidity slows down the process of oxidation The acidity slows down the process of oxidation

In glycolysis what starts the process of glucose oxidation?

ATP starts the process of glucose oxidation in glycolysis.

The process in which oxidation number increase is?

It is called the oxidation process. Under this the element looses the electron so it's oxidation state increases.

What is the term used for the process of oxidation?

The term used is oxidation.

How is oxidation related to weathering?

Oxygen causes oxidation this process occurs in air. Water also aids in this process. The oxidation of iron or iron products such as steel is rust.

How is milk going sour an example of the oxidation process?

Milk going sour is an example of the oxidation process. The example of the oxidation process in sour milk is a result of the effect of oxygen on the milk which causes the milk to sour.

What is the process by which your body gets energy from the food you eat?

That process is called as biological oxidation. Incidentally, you get the same amount of energy in biological oxidation and chemical oxidation, photon by photon.

What is removed in oxidation?

Oxidation is the process of adding oxygen or taking away hydrogen.

What is oxidation a cation or anion?

Oxidation is a process. Cations and anions have to do with the charge of an element.

What is photo-oxidation?

Oxidation is a process in which something (an atom or molecule or substance) loses an electron to something else. Photo-oxidation is therefore the process of oxidation which is caused by shining light on it. Often, light can be used to cause reactions to happen, such as oxidation. The term "photo" comes from "photon" which is light.

Is rust a process?

No, it is the result of a process scientifically known as oxidation.

What is a redox process?

its a process in which reduction and oxidation process takes place simultaneously. reduction is the addition of hydrogen,or removal of oxygen where as oxidation is the addition of oxygen or removal of hydrogen

How are combustion and oxidation similar and how are they diffrent?

* In the combustion process, organic compounds are oxidized in carbon and H2O molecules. This process requires oxygen participation. * In oxidation, an ion is basically lost by the addition of oxygen. * In combustion, oxidation is the end process and heat and light are produced, this is not the same for oxidation. Source :

If no oxygen is being used in fermentation why is it still considered to be oxidation?

In the process of fermentation yeast bacteria convert sugar into alcohol which is an oxidation process.

What is the food burning process?

This process is called cellular respiration and is an oxidation.

What is the black coating on silver and which process is this?

silver sulfide. its an oxidation process.

What process by which energy is released from nutrients is called?

This process is called as biological oxidation. Here the energy is released in step wise fashion. The amount of total energy is same is chemical oxidation and the biological oxidation.

Hematite can form as a result of the process of oxidation?

Yes Hematite is an oxide of iron and is formed by its oxidation.

What is the final oxidation numbers of gold and zinc after the cyanide process?

the oxidation number is from 0 to 3+

What is the chemical process which adds oxygen?


The process of rusting is also called what?


The process of rapid combustion?

rust or oxidation