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There must be extreme circumstances before a court will permanently revoke parental rights. For instance in cases of minor children having children the court will generally award temporary custody to qualified person(s) or to a state agency. The birth parent will still retain visitation privileges and may be responsible for child support depending on circumstances. State DFS will periodically reevaluate the case. However, the biological parent(s)if they so choose,may petition the court for reinstatement of parental rights. He/she will be required to present substantiating evidence to prove they are qualified for having parental rights returned. Including submitting to an investigation by DFS and/or supporting agencies or persons so ordered by the court.

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Q: What is the process in Tennessee of losing all parental rights after the final custody hearing in which the parent was not ready to take custody of the infant?
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Is losing custody the same as terminating rights?

Not at all. Terminating parental rights is a court process by which you either voluntarily relinquish your parental rights or there is serious danger posed to your child such that the court does it without your consent. Either way, when parental rights are terminated, the parent has no more rights to the child. Losing custody can be a temporary thing and does not change your parental status.

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How do you petition the court for restoration of parental rights in Nevada?

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There is no emancipation available in Tennessee.

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