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Please keep in mind that I live overseas, and it could be completely different for the college that you are attending, but last year I transferred from Education into Law (you don't need an undergraduate degree to get into Law School here if your marks are good enough). But, what you want to do is an 'internal transfer'. If you want to transfer into a different college, then it's an 'external transfer'. First of all, find out the requirements for entrance into your course- these may be different than if you were applying straight from school. For example, in Australia, to get into Law School, you need to get 99% to go straight from school, but to get a transfer after a year of university, you only need 70%. Next, find out the closing date for transfers- again, this is a different date from applying from school. Lastly, if you have to attend an interview, make sure you have clear reasons as to why you want to transfer, and why you picked the course you now want to change out of in the first place (and why these reasons have now changed). Showing the selection officers that you have a clear direction in life that you are dedicated to is very important. Also, I didn't lose credit points. Often if you transfer into another course at the same level at the same university then they will let you use your credit points from your first year to count towards your new degree. For example, I can finish Law School in 3 years instead of 4 now. apply to the new college, and tell an admissions person your situation. You'll probably have to apply as if you hadn't done any college at all. You give the new school your transcript from your old school in the process, and they evaluate it to see what they'll give you credit for. It probably has to be a course that the new school offers and you probably have to have gotten at least a C in it (not C-minus). That's what "transferring" is - it has nothing to do with the old school. You'll lose credits in the process, I guarantee.

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Q: What is the process of transferring out of a college with a completely different major in mind during freshman year?
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