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Q: What is the process where oxygen is reacted to produce heat and light called?
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How oxygen is produce by green plants?

Oxygen is produce by green plants by carbohydrates. This whole process is called photosynthesis.

Cells use oxygen to produce energy through a process called?

This process is Respiration.

Why do you say that plants supply oxygen to the air?

Plants produce oxygen using a process called photosynthesis and then releasing it into the atmosphere.

What process makes oxygen?

I am not sure that there is such a process that produces ATP and oxygen, however, there are 2 processes that produce ATP, while one reqires oxygen, and the other does not. The process that produces ATP and does require oxygen is called aerobic respiration. While the process that produces ATP but does not need oxygen is called anaerobic respiration.

Do plants produce food without any oxygen?

They dont need oxygen to produce food (Glucose), they use carbon dioxide to produce this but they do need oxygen to respire and get energy from the food that they produuced. The process by which food is produced is called photosynthesis.

What does plant need to produce its own food and energy?

Plants need Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and sunlight to produce glucose. This process is called photosynthesis and during this process oxygen is released as a by product, thats why plants provide us oxygen.

What burns fuel to produce energy?

Oxygen in the air reacts with the fuel in a process called combustion to release energy

The process by which living things take in oxygen and use it to produce energy is called?

realesed energy

What do plants cells use to produce glucose and and oxygen?

Plants use water, carbon dioxide, and the energy of sunlight to produce glucose and oxygen, in the process called photosynthesis. To form a carbohydrate molecule, carbon and oxygen is combined with hydrogen from the breakup of water molecules.

What is the name for the process by which plants make their own food?

Oxygen and food is produced through Photosynthesis.

Through what process do do plants produce oxygen?


The process of respiration allows the body to produce?