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metal hydroxide

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Q: What is the product of non metal oxide water?
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What type of an oxide is water?

Water H2O is the oxide of hydrogen. It is thus a non-metal oxide.

What happen when base react with non metal oxide-?

The Metal hydroxides are strong base, therefore metal hydroxide decomposes on heating to form metal oxide and water.

Is CaO a metal oxide or non metal oxide?

Calcium is a metal, therefore this is a metal oxide.

Is NO2 a metal or non-metal oxide?

Non metal

Is phosphoros a metal oxide or a non metal oxide?

Phosphorus is not an oxide. It is an element. It is a nonmetal.

What type of solution is formed when a non-metal oxide is dissolved in water?


Is sulfuric acid a non-metal oxide?

No, not strictly speaking. Sulfuric acid is a mineral acid. It is made by reacting Sulfur Trioxide with water. Sulfur Trioxide IS a non-metal oxide.

Is B2O3 a metal oxide or a non oxide?

It is a meltalloid oxide.

what does non metal and non metal form?

it form oxide

Is aluminum oxide metal or a non metal?

Aluminium Oxide is not a metal. Nor is it a non-metal. It is a compound formed from a metal [Aluminium] and a non-metal [Oxygen] The terms metal and non-metal are reserved for the elements that appear on the Periodic Table.

What is a non metal oxide?

A non metal oxide is a compound of a non metal with oxygen. metals are in the center or left hand side of the periodic table of chemical elements. non metals are to the right hand side and are separated from the metals along the aluminum/ Gallium/Germanium/antimony/polonium line. A non metal oxide is a non metallic element reacted with oxygen e.g. Water (H2O), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide

Is potassium a metal metalloid or a non metal?

No potassium OXIDE is not: IT IS A METAL. IT IS A METAL.And it is not a NONmetal either.Potassium OXIDE K2O is a basic oxide: with water it forms (only) potassium hydroxide, KOHPotassium (elemental) is a alkali metal