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Abdominal hernias generally do not recur in children but can recur in up to 10% of adult patients. Surgery is considered the only cure, and the prognosis is excellent if the hernia is corrected before it becomes strangulated. Hiatal hernias are.


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The outcome of surgery depends on the age and health of the patient and on the type of hernia. Although most hernias can be repaired without complications, hernias recur in 10-20% of people who have had hernia surgery.

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Now a days hernia surgeries are out patient procedures. Your should be able to drive as soon as the anesthesia and other pain killers wear off. You should be driven home after the procedure and can start driving the next day.

The prognosis for complete recovery is good for most patients, except those with hyperinfection syndrome or severe protein loss.

sp, usually written s/p, means "status post." It indicates that some procedure was done in the past. So "sp hernia repair" means the patient had a hernia repair in the past.

Yes! I have got this condition along with para-esophageal hernia and waiting for the prognosis. :( I jsut got diagnosed with having a twisted xtomach along with Hialital hernia, now I am worried what they are going to do aobut it. I am 71 and concerned.

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The prognosis for recovery is good if the patient is treated promptly with antibiotics. In most cases, the infection can be brought under control in three or four days.

A femoral hernia is usually diagnosed during a physical examination . In many cases, the patient will consult the doctor because of pain in the groin area or the inside of the upper thigh.

Most first-time hernia repair procedures will be one-day surgeries, in which the patient will go home the same day or in 24 hours. Only the most challenging cases will require an overnight stay. Recovery times will vary.

The prognosis for full recovery is excellent if the patient is treated promptly. If the infection has progressed to the stage of follicle development, prevention of blindness depends on the severity of the follicles

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