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What is the proper way to charge a 15 ton compressor?

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read the manufacturers logo on the side of the unit and weigh the charge

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1 pound equals how many tons?

The proper way to say it would be how many pounds in a ton. One short ton equals 2,000 pounds.

How are air conditioning loads calculated?

the proper way by heat load calculation, but also by ton capacity and square feet.

How does a rotary compressor work?

Same way a non rotary compressor works

How do you remove AC Compressor for the 1994 Sedan deville 4.9L?

Best way to access the AC compressor is through the wheel well. The panels behind the tire come off fairly easily. Depending on what is wrong with it you could replace , the clutch, with the compressor still on the car. Not an easy job but doable with the proper tools.

Turn on compressor on 1996 Eldorado says low of freon went to low side to charge but wouldn't take freon compressor clutch would not come on is there a way to jump start it or what do you do?

Should be a pressure switch located on the top of the air drier/acculmulator -- jump this with a paper clip and clutch should pull in allowing you to charge system

How do you know if your AC compressor is broke?

Best way to check if the AC compressor is working or not is take off the compressor and take it in to get it tested. Auto Zone, O'Rily or some auto store and they don't charge you at all it's free. The only catch is you have get your lazy butt to do the job cuz there is no other easy way to test the compressor other then getting dirty and spending the time to do the job yourself. Unless you got the money to take it to the shop and get it looked at and pay for all that expenses.

How do you recharge air conditioner on ford 150 2007?

Proper way is to properly dispose of current 134a, vacuum system, ensure system holds vacuum for 15 minutes, add proper amount of compressor oil, then properly add 134a.

What ways more 1 ton of elaphents or 1 ton of pillows?

None way more a ton of elaphents ways the same of a ton of pillows.

On a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am How do you jump the air compressor to get it to turn When I tried to add the coolant it wouldn't turn over Is their a way to jump start the compressor and how?

A lot of cars won't let the compressor kick on unless it has enough refridgerant. Try recharging the compressor all the way and if it still don't work, you might need a new compressor.

Have a 5 ton condenser with a 5 ton coil have a 3 ton drive furnace any way this will work or will you have to get a 5 ton drive furnace?

You may be able to turn up the blower speed but you will probably still not get the appropriate cfm. You may be able to swap out the blower but you may run into problems with fitting the new one in place or the proper sizing of the return and supply duct work.

What is the difference between ton and ton?

Both the same but it is just a different way of spelling it

95 99 NEON how much OIL do you put into the COMPRESSOR before you put free on I have the big lite green can R134?

Hold on a minute. It is not free on, it is freon, and your Neon contains no Freon. It contains R134a. Take this car to a professional and have the A/C serviced by someone who has the proper equipment, and knowledge to fix the leak, and properly charge the system. Otherwise, you may just ruin a perfectly good compressor and end up spending way more money. Take it to a pro.

What is the proper way to pickup dog?

no,there is not a proper way to pickup a dog.

Why does an air conditioner need a compressor?

The compressor is needed for the cooling of the air. This works the same way the compressor of a fridge or a freezer work. It uses the physical principle of a heat pump.

What is a proper way to use a graduated cylinder?

there is no proper way because there is only one way

Why do people say on the way instead of on my way?

.. people dont?On my way is not a proper word but on the way is a proper word.

How many tons does a male adult lion weigh?

some don't way a ton at all, but one may way at most 1 ton.

How do you determine what size air conditioner to buy?

The only way to determine the proper size air conditioner required is to have a load calculation performed. This takes into account the construction features of the home as well as its' location. that is the only for sure way to get it dead on, a trick i use a lot is 700 sq per ton on a older house 900 a ton on a newer house

Why does my shotgun shot a bullet every other time?

Because that was the way it was loaded into the gun, shot charge, bullet charge, shot charge, bullet charge. If you load it that way, it will shoot that way.

When removing freion from car should motor be on or off?

Off. The only way the engine being on would benefit you in any way is if you had the AC on, to assist with the evacuation (with proper equipment for evacuating an AC system does not require). The refrigerant also carries the oil for the compressor, so you're effectively running that compressor dry of lubricant if you run the AC system while evacuating refrigerant.

What is the proper way to address a school board?

Proper way to address a school board

Do you have to take the compressor off to take off the exhaust manifold on a 1990 Nissan Maxima?

If it's in the way, then yes. Don't dis-connect the lines, though. Tie the compressor up out of the way.

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No. Hello is proper.

What other way can you say metric ton?


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