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What is the proper way to leave my wife?


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QUESTIONIf she is bad enough to leave, why be proper, or is it she is really not that terrible, and you want out? In that case,there will be nothing proper about it. yea if you really don't like her and she is that bad than just leave her a note telling her that u just don't like her and you want to leave. If she is ok and you found a better looking person than say your sorry but you fell in love with someone else but never hurt her feelings!!

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The proper way to list a husband and wife when his last name has a Junior behind it is: Mr. & Mrs. John Doe, Jr.

Listen to Paul Simon: there must be fifty ways to leave your lover!

Which country are you in and what type of judge is he?

Addressing a Mayor and his wife: Mayor & Mrs. John Smith

in cursive so the guy thinks you are fancy

The proper way to list a husband and wife when acknowledging them in a program would be 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith.' You might also say 'Dr. and Mr. Smith' or 'Jane and John Smith'.

The Honorable Nelson A. Rockefeller and Mrs. Rockefeller

You are trying to get out the marriage way too easy. If you want your wife to leave then file for a divorce and she will probably seek legal advice and the lawyers will decide who gets what and if there are children what the custody arrangements are.

Think of it this way if he is willing to leave his wife for you, then he might be willing to leave you for another woman

You can make the man divorce his wife so that he is no longer "married". No there is no easy way to leave. But why stay around, he's a cheater who probably has already started moving in on your replacement. Pity his wife instead.

No. A married man will often say he wants to leave his wife for you just to make you feel special. If a married man does not leave his wife within 6 months after meeting you, chances are he'll never leave his wife for you.

Mr. and Mrs. is acceptable. If he is retired, you may refer to him as "Judge _____..."

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The proper way to address a letter and envelope for a husband that is a Junior is: Mr. & Mrs. John Doe, Jr.

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You cannot tell if he will leave his wife for you until he actually does it. Also, why would he leave his wife for you if he can have you and her. The best of all worlds. Whatever you do, don't tell his wife about your relationship with her husband unless you want to lose him and force a divorce on them.

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